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Every student should spend a semester studying abroad - and hot young Chayse Evans is headed to France to study sexual psychology. But does the gorgeous brunette have homework on her mind, or is she more interested in carnal pleasure? When Chayse arrives at the villa of married French couple Elexis Monroe and David Perry, the stage is set for deception, secret trysts and hot, forbidden sex!
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Comments on Exchange Student

Editor's Review

So I'm always loving Sweet Sinner's mix of plot and hot sex and always - secretly - wishing they'd spread some of the plots out a bit more. Like a prime time drama with characters we really root for getting together holding off till the climatic final episode or something like that. Sweet Sinner has had a couple of sequels before but when I dipped in on "Exchange Student 2%u2033 and was immediately confused by all the bed-hopping I knew I had to go back to the first and I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that this is the long tease I'm hoping for from the only studio I think can really get away with it.

Ok, exchange students - already a super hot concept. I know I begged pleaded and drooled over every exchange student in any school I was in regardless of sex - the accent alone was more than justifiable cause for mooning on my part, I swear. Except - I was expecting a male exchange student for some reason and she didn't have an accent but the husband did. Oh wait, they live in France and she's an American exchange student, and all the women are apparently from the states as well, so all the guys have accents but all the women don't.

I was expecting Manuel Ferrara to be the hottest guy in this particular movie (I mean god damn the man is built like a romance novel's wet dream) and I definitely enjoyed his scenes with the usual luster but a porn watchers heart is fickle and it was the scene with the tiny Nicole Ray and Marco Banderas that surprised me most. Maybe it's because Nicole is so tiny, or maybe it was Marco's really thick accent but I my mind went to rubber as soon as their clothes came off and by the time they Nicole had her final orgasm around Marco's amazing cock and the curled up in a sweaty exhausted heap I still hadn't found it again.

Well things are pretty convoluted in this one. I barely had a chance to figure out who was who and who was screwing who while actually in love with who else. I think the "Exchange Student" could go pretty far as a drama though, because by the time the first movie ended I was feeling really bad for Elexis and hoping that her best friends betrayal will be made clear in a way that allows Elexis to get even properly.

Still it felt like a tinsy bit too much crammed into a small space, and this movie only had 4 of Sweet Sinner's signature mind blowingly hot sex scenes. But uhm, after just one - I'm almost as exhausted as the sweat drenched performers and as awesome as each scene is, afterward I need more of a break instead of a short lead into the next scene, there's just no way I'm going to be ready to go again so fast! On the other hand if you want toe curling orgasmic sex scenes featuring a wealth of hot men with accents then I can't recommend "Exchange Student" enough.

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