Danielle Staub Sex Tape-Raw

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Approximate Running Time: 01:15:10
Released: 2010

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Reality TV star Danielle Staub in the hardcore sex video tape you've heard so much about. Uncensored and in your face, Danielle isn't your typical horny housewife from New Jersey. She is MILF-tastic in this raw and unedited celebrity sex tape. While cooking breakfast, Danielle Staub is seduced by her muscular, well-defined man piece. After removing her t-shirt, they share a hot make-out session before heading upstairs to the bedroom. On the way, he focuses on Danielle's perfectly toned ass for which she credits her genetics. Once upstairs, Danielle removes her shorts to expose her plump, pierced pussy. The horny housewife poses for the camera and gives her man her best come-hither stare. Mrs. Staub then lays back on the bed and begins to touch herself. We hear the couple kissing, the camera is picked up by her boy toy, and we are treated to a POV shot of Danielle Staub's swollen pussy lips being penetrated by her boyfriend's big dick. She pants heavily as the camera is abandoned on the bed, making us pay close attention to the lusty sounds without actually seeing them. Just like jersey girl to be a tease. It's now Danielle's turn to be on top and she rides her man cowgirl style, panting and moaning feverishly until she orgasms. Danielle Staub flips over to take it doggy style, and then spreads for missionary before stopping to take a break. Danielle needed some water before she passed out from the hot encounter. After a little pillow talk, Danielle gives her well-hung man a handjob before laying back down for round two. The bell rings and she climbs on top again to grind out a fourth body shaking orgasm. Just when you think this woman has had enough, a couple more sessions lead up to another orgasm for Danielle while the celebrity housewife is being taken dogggy style once again. This is an unedited amateur sex tape, so you'll have to wade through a few minutes where the camera is aimed nowhere in particular and you can only hear them having sex. Nevertheless, Danielle Staub's sexual prowess throughout the tape is amazingly uninhibited, insatiable and raw. She definitely makes all New Jersey housewives proud. Legal Disclaimer
"Bravo" ® and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" ® are registered trademarks of Bravo Media, LLC, NBC Universal or their affiliates.
This video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Bravo Media, LLC, NBC, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment or any of their affiliates. DS Raw dsraw
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Cast & Stars: Danielle Staub Sex Tape-Raw

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"We are thrilled to be able to bring this sex tape to the world" said James Cybert, HotMovies.com director of business development. "I am a huge fan of Danielle's show and watching her get freaky on my site is like a dream come true. She's always been the most controversial housewife and you can bet your foreclosed mansion that all of America will be talking about this MILF again."

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