Bitchcraft 8

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2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best All-Girl Series.

The newest entry in the Bitchcraft franchise is a sex-video tribute to stylized, fetish-laden, hardcore lesbian sex. An opus for the truly advanced lover of the genre, Malone's newest submission raises the bar for those who would dare challenge his status as the prime exponent of female-on-female domination. What makes these five episodes so special is Jake's ability to merge the art of S&M fetish with the aggressive raunch of hard-edge lesbian sex without compromising either pursuit. Bitchcraft 8 features top stars Bobbi Starr, Sophie Dee, and Nika Noir who are genuinely dominant bitches with a set of seriously submissive stunners who manage to inspire sympathy and arousal in one fell swoop when being put through their paces. The most thrilling aspect of all this mayhem is the attention to real female orgasm that is the payoff to every performance in every scene of this passion play so expertly staged by Malone. Every woman in this movie may now be hooked for life and relegated to years of attendance at meetings of Orgasm Anonymous. Such is the fate of the players in Malone's demented Sapphic world. The disc includes behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, cast list, filmographies, and trailers.

Scene 1: We open up with lithe Asian cutie Kita submitting to mammoth breasted Brit Sophie Dee who in turn scolds, caresses, slaps and ties her slave into a state of sexually submissive bliss. Kita makes certain to attend to her mistress' orgasmic needs with some help from a Magic Wand vibrator. Sophie's shuddering squirting climax is a thing of beauty to behold.

Scene 2: This pairing features Evil's current "it" girl Bobbi Starr as the dominant rider who trains, mounts and rides pony-girl Shawna Lenee. The precise detail in costume and props sets Malone's vision apart from the pretenders. Bobbi horse whips Shawna until she's chomping at the bit (literally!) When Ms. Lenee's oppressive horse-head mask is removed, we're treated to a revelation of a stunning blonde mane on a seriously cute young filly who just begs to be trained and rewarded with alternating tender wet kisses and spankings on her perfect goose-bump covered ass. This little warm-up is but a prelude of the sexual equestrienne sport to follow: Those wet kisses morph into a deep ass-tongue exploratory and a now blindfolded and tied Shawna gagging on Ms. Starr's probing hands. Bobbi's not done until Shawna's every hole has been bored through. Ms. Starr dons the perfunctory strap-on dildo which she wields with abandon leaving both dominatrix and submissive ridden hard and put away wet.

Scene 3: If tattoos, face-sitting, smothering and bitches spitting in each other's mouth is what you want to see, the exchange between raven-haired Sadie West and tow-headed Kiara Diane will fit the bill. A close-up camera shot of Sadie's pretty puckering asshole pulls back to expose Kiara licking and tonguing this intimate but glorious part of this woman's anatomy. Malone merges the fetish and lesbian elements with power and finesse. It's impossible to determine which lady here is in charge as Kiara inserts her impossibly high heeled boot into Sadie's mouth suggesting a clear and imminent danger that is at once thrilling and arousing to even the most jaded viewer.

Scene 4: Malone now treats us to a Bitchcraft encore appearance by lascivious limey Sophie Dee and her gigantic corseted orbs. This time she lays waste to Ariel X who is already prepped... She's tied to a stool, handcuffed and blindfolded like an invalid capable of one thing only: Moaning with pleasure as Sophie smacks her bum till it's red and throbbing. The vocal reprises as Ms. X gets her ass eaten and beaten, stripped and whipped, all while still tied to the stool like a naughty girl in the dunce seat. When finally released from her assigned seat, Ariel's humiliation continues as Sophie maneuvers her about the room until she's satisfied that Ariel is in place for the sex experiments that are part and parcel of the headmistress' instruction. Like a mad scientist Sophie works Ariel's undercarriage. A massive plug-in vibe is set firmly on Ariel's clit while a rippled Lucite butt plug is deployed to her previously tight asshole as a determined Mistress Sophie pokes and strokes until she yanks an insanely intense set of spine bending orgasms out of her submissive. For her part, Sophie rewards herself with the same vibrator until we again witness her squirting skills and their sloppy remains oozing off the shiny coffee table.

Scene 5: Slutty Charlotte arrives at a dark doorway only to be accosted by Nika Noir who's dressed in a PVC rubber Sergeant Pepper overcoat accessorized by metal goggles and a nickel plated banger like some sexy Dr. Strangelove lost in a Clockwork Orange fantasy (really!). Charlotte is a case study in voluntary coercion given the hunger with which she feasts on Nikka's ass and pussy. Clearly it is there for visual prop effect only as Miss Vale happily submits to Nikka's demands with an obliging generosity that includes a plethora of screams, squeals, anguished moans all delivered in the spirit of healthy devotion to Jake's twisted role playing lesbian fantasy. Not to be outdone by her peers, Nikka dons not one, but two strap-on cocks that get pressed into service until Charlotte begs her tormentor to "please get me off." Nikka stops her filthy talk long enough to use that mean mouth of hers to lick and flick Charlotte's pierced clit (what a nice touch) while subjecting her asshole to a roto-rooter reaming courtesy of a clear dildo on a sword-like sex toy. Does Charlotte come when called? You bet she does. Her orgasm setting must have been set on "repeat" because she comes and comes until she, Nikka and the lucky witnesses to this criminally great sex scene can take no more.
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