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Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary: Re-mastered Feature






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AVN Top 500
2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Classic Release.

Re-mastered version of the original classic. Debbie and her young cheerleader friends are faced with a dilemma. Debbie's vibrant sensuality has earned her a coveted place with the Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders. A trip to Dallas is expensive however, and college students don't often have that kind of money. As the action moves to the showers, a plan is formed. The eight dazzling cheerleaders will go to Dallas and to afford it, they have formed Team Services, an organization dedicated to serving their clients with total satisfaction...for a price.

"One of the all time bestsellers on video. A classic, combining a fantasy setting with some very intense and graphic sex action." --Adam Film World's Directory of Adult Films
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Comments on Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary: Re-mastered Feature

Editor's Review

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been readying my apartment for an upcoming move. Along with packing all of my belongings, this also entails going through all of the shit I’ve ended up storing under my bed and in various closets. The other night I was pulling boxes of random stuff out from under my bed when I found a VHS copy of Debbie Does Dallas. Score! I happily passed it along to a friend that still has a VCR, reminiscing about how it is such an awesome movie. Luckily, I didn’t actually need to keep the old VCR to watch all the classic porns – we have them here, streaming and ready to watch. Yes, I know that sounds like a commercial for HM4Her, but honestly, I just say it because I am grateful that I don’t need to add VCR to my list of crap to pack. In honor of finding this movie the other day, I decided it was totally time to review it once more (the last time we reviewed it was back in 2007, when Stoya still worked here, as she wrote the review).

Oh Debbie, what is a cheerleader to do with only two weeks left to earn money for a big trip to Dallas to cheer as a Cowgirl? Good thing you have your squad behind you, helping you figure out a plan. Sure, you can all get after school jobs, but even working down at the local sports equipment store (or record store, or library) will bring in enough cash to get you and your friends down to Texas. Unless… you take that horny sports shop owner, Mr. Greenfield, up on his offer to pay you extra to flash him and let him suck on you nipples. Heck, why not talk to the rest of the gals about opening up their variety of “services” and have them each give their new bosses the help they are REALLY looking for? Look who’s making it to Dallas!

As much as some parts of this awesome classic gave me that uncomfortable ‘sexual harassment feeling,’ I tried my best to keep in mind that porn is fantasy and you don’t have to worry about that stuff in a fantasy. My feminist brain gets the best of me with classic porn sometimes. I was actually surprised how feminist I found this old school flick. All the girls make a decision together to burst into the world of sex work, deciding exactly how far they want to go with their bosses. Sure, most of them are fucking like champs by the end, running that gamut from butt sex to spanking, but they made those decisions for themselves. I love that the director showed the conversation they had together in the locker room. Good old second wave feminism to the rescue.

All the fucking in this flick is actually pretty hot. I love a full ‘70s bush, so I was in total luck with each and every naked body. The entire hour and a half movie is filled with all kinds of activities, including pussy licking, blowjobs and the aforementioned butt sexin’ and spanking. Hell, there is even jerking off with a candle. Big props for variety!

I’m so glad I finally took the time to watch this whole movie and really appreciate the attention to detail in classic porn. I decided to check out the re-mastered version, which I’m assuming makes a difference, but honestly, I’m not sure how much of a difference. All I know is that this classic dirty flick has totally earned its place in both porno and pop culture history. Thanks for doing Dallas, Debbie!

Submanash says:

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