Tight Places - A Drop Of Color






Approximate Running Time: 01:08:10
Released: 2010

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2011 Feminist Porn Award Winner

Join this all-queer, all people of color cast as they explore themselves and one another in six scorching scenes full of explosive chemistry! Watch Vai unleash a storm of sexual energy on first-time adult performer Brooklyn Skyy that leaves them, and the courtyard bench where they tryst, drenched. Then, sparks fly as powerful thrusts unite Akira and sexy genderqueer newcomer Kohen against an alley wall. Later, a playful foursome challenges both couples to stay focused. After, Akira shows us just how hot she can get while pleasuring herself on the kitchen counter! With gushing G-spot orgasms; hot action; intense, genuine connection; and insightful extras, including interviews with cast and crew discussing this all people of color project, TIGHT PLACES will incite your sexual senses!
Clip 1 - 12 mins 9 secs

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Clip 2 - 8 mins 42 secs

Stars: Akira Raine | Kohen
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Clip 3 - 9 mins 50 secs

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Clip 4 - 15 mins 57 secs

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Clip 5 - 7 mins 6 secs

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Clip 6 - 13 mins 4 secs

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Cast & Stars: Tight Places - A Drop Of Color

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Comments on Tight Places - A Drop Of Color

Editor's Review

I've been meaning to watch this Reel Queer Productions movie since it first became live on the site and I am so glad I've finally had the chance to check it out. Holy crap is this a good movie! As all the Reel Queer movies do, Tight Places turns porn on its ear and removes all the boundaries of mainstream porn, bringing marginalized communities to the forefront in the sexiest way possible. This particular flick features an entire cast of queer folks of color - presenting an amazing hot array of sexuality - minus exploitation or some of the weird dynamics that mainstream porn can have (and I don't mean all mainstream porn.)

For me, this movie is all about Vai. From the flush of her face as she gets excited to the freaking river that pours out of her when she comes - this lady is where it's at. Funnily enough, I actually almost didn't recognize her at first, as she's grown her hair out since performing in the other movies I've seen her in. But once I got a good look at her face, I knew I was in for a treat... a wet, moan-filled treat.

While the whole movie is seriously hot, my favorite scene obviously is one with Vai. In fact, it's one, with Vai. Scene one I mean, with Brooklyn and Vai fucking on a bench in what looks like a back yard. Brooklyn must have some magic fingers, because Vai is literally dripping with pleasure within a minute or two. And this is right after we hear Brooklyn talking about how this is her first time doing porn. I guess she's just a quick study, because this is damn near divine!

One interesting point in this movie I'd like to mention is in scene 3, when Vai is being fucked from behind with her head in the toilet. Usually having someone's head in a toilet would be way too hardcore for me to handle in a porn (I think it just rings of high school bullies and humiliation in my head), but this experience was different. Before opening the potty lid at all, Brooklyn asks Vai how she'd feel about her head being put in the toilet, and after thinking about it for a few seconds - and making sure it's clean, she says it's fine.

Not only is there great communication and consent being shown, after Vai's face is in the bowl for a second, she comments on how there's an echo and how fucking hot that actually is. With those few words, this scene went from making me kind of squeamish to being one that I really enjoyed. Knowing that Vai was getting off on the act rewrote its narrative in my head and allowed me to get into watching it. Ah porn, I love the way you challenge me!

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