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LUST Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:31:59
Released: 2002
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    Peer into this secret chamber of desire, where two women are fulfilling the destiny of their mutual cravings. Beautiful young Katie emerges from her gilded cage to submit to the slow and deliberate attentions of her ravishing mistress, who rains delicate teases on her tender white flesh. In a series of vignettes Miriam explores her submissive's responses to spanking, bondage, hot wax, and gossamer bonds, which tighten with every squirm.

    The second in the series "Seven Deadly Sins," LUST is Maria Beatty's sensual study of desire as eternal presence. With mesmerizing music by Malcolm McLaren and whispered repetitions of the spells of Masoch, she takes us into a world where subject and object are indistinguishable, and the power of flesh binds one to the other.
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