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Vampire Sisters






Approximate Running Time: 00:48:33

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Fetish superstars and BDSM performers Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X team up together as the Vampire Sisters. The film opens with a slow erotic entrance by Anastasia Pierce, who has come to resuscitate her vampire sister who has made the mistake of drinking the blood of the dead. Part one builds up the suspense and sexual tension as Anastasia brings all of her vampire survival techniques to revive her dying sister, such as deep tongue kissing, sensual body exploration (drenched with latex fetish), face slapping, fierce nipple and breast play, masturbation, and ravenous neck biting leading up to the blood thirsty sucking scene... What follows are spanking rituals, flogging and wax play with extreme doses of succulent orgasmic climaxes! Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X are two of the hottest in the business at the moment and their lust for each other sees no limits!
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Cast & Stars: Vampire Sisters

Comments on Vampire Sisters

Editor's Review

There is no denying that we are inundated with vampires these days. I'll be the first to admit that I need my True Blood fix on a weekly basis. I must say, Vampire Sisters from the always amazing Bleu Productions by no means beats the proverbial dead horse. The performers, camera work, setting and music work together to create an experience that I'm not sure I have to vocabulary to explain, but I'll do my best to get the job done. It isn't often that I truly immerse myself into a porno. Sure, I get into them, take them for what they are, whether it a silly parody, a soft core lesbian flick, a dirty ass Belladonna movie, etc. But, it is rare that I'm drawn in to a porno in the same way I get drawn into an amazing modern dance piece or one of Beethoven's works. You know, that high art shit. Vampire Sisters drew me in, captivated me and held my attention from start to finish. No fast forward necessary.

The premise is a bit taboo-esque, as Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X are indeed sisters. They're "vampire sisters" so that makes it okay, right? I'm at peace with that logic. Anastasia welcomes her younger sister in the world of vampirism through kissing, touching, flogging and the like. It is less about the story and more about the feeling created throughout the story along with the darkness and beauty that emerges from it. From a surface point of view, one may take it as overdramatic (perhaps the same way my review reads), but if you let yourself in you become mesmerized.

The older vamp sis/ new younger vamp sis relationship lends itself to the dominant/ submissive roles. In the opening scene, we get to watch Anastasia caress and kneed Ariel's flesh, pussy and nipples until we see her fangs and she begins to bite, penetrating her breasts and throat. Blood flows from both areas and covers Anastasia's mouth. Who doesn't like a little blood in their vampire porn? Ariel's long lean body writhes and undulates. She gets a taste of Anastasia and bloody kisses lead us into the next scene.

We get to watch Ariel X's bottom and back turn bright red as she gets spanked, flogged and vampire glove-d. She is kind enough to drag the flogger across her pussy when it gets too intense. A crop gets thrown into the mix, but is most interesting when used as a bit. Ariel bites down on it in pleasure and pain as she gets hot red wax dripped on her and we hear her moans escalate. So hot.

The movie comes to a close with a passionate fuck in which Anastasia Pierce receives at least some of the action. The mouth to mouth/ nipple/ vag close-ups are just stunning. I had to mention this because I'm not sure I stressed how visually pleasing this movie was. The chemistry was off the charts, but the artfulness made this movie so easy and enjoyable to watch. Maria Beatty has stated, "my films delight in the playful relationship between pleasure and pain". While I have made an attempt to talk about Vampire Sisters, this statement really describes her work to a tee.

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