Jerky Girls Vol. 18 - M.I.L.F.'s Rule

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A boy is sent to Miss James after he said something mean to a Girl in his class. Despite the boy's protests that She..."Started it"......Miss James Teaches this boy a lesson he will NEVER forget!! Miss explains that he is not allowed to disrespect a Girl...even if She "starts it"...because....Girls are better than boys..because they "Have Cunts"!! Miss James makes the boy keep repeating "Girls are better than boys because they have Cunts". To further teach him a lesson....Miss James makes the boy Kiss Her Feet while he again repeats "Girls are better than boys because they have Cunts". Next, Miss James hikes up Her skirt and makes the young boy stick his tongue WAY up inside Her Asshole....while repeating "Girls are better than boys because they have Cunts"! For the final Humiliation...Miss James makes the boy lie on the floor, while She sticks Her Feet in his face and Masturbates him. The abused youngster embarrassed because he was Masturbated by his Older Teacher...must repeat a final time...."Girls are better than boys because they have Cunts"!!!!!


Boys should fear ending up in Miss Moon's courtroom!!! Written right on the board....there it is......."BOYS ARE ALWAYS GUILTY!!!" With the Prosector...Faith....and Police Officer...Jennifer...present, Judge Moon calls this boy's case to order. He is charged with not holding a door for a girl in the Shopping Mall. The boy claims he was not even in the Mall on the day in question....all three Girls yell at him to "SHUT UP!!!" He requests an attorney...all three Girls yell at him to"SHUT UP!!!" He protests the entire procedure...all three Girls yell at him to "SHUT UP!!". Judge Moon slams down Her Gavel..."I Sentence you to be Held down by Girls....and Jerked-Off!!!" With that...Judge Moon orders Jennifer & Faith to "Get him" which point, the two Girls wrestle him to the ground and pin him. Judge Moon then removes the boy's pants....and proceeds to Masturbate the young offender against his will. Judge Moon shows Her Gigantic Tits to the boy during his Compelled Masturbation....which "inspires" the boy to Shoot a Massive Ejaculation...that lands on the Judge's Robe!!! Uh-Oh!!!!! This is NOT good for the boy....."I hereby Sentence you to 30 days in the County Jail....for Cumming on a Judge!!"


Mrs. West has been a teacher for quite some time. She knows that, as a Middle Aged Sexy, Big Breasted Woman, that sometimes the young boys in Her class can become...well...shall we say..."distracted". This youngster falls into that category. Mrs. West has noticed two things about this student....1) his grades have been slipping...and 2) he seems to always be staring at Her Boobs during class. Mrs. West has enough experience to know the solution for this. She asks the young boy to visit Her class after school....and invites him to explore Her Big, Beautiful MILF Boobs....while She Masturbates him!! This youngster can hardly contain himself....and he EXPLODES with a MASSIVE CUMBLAST....that actually Shoots his Teacher, Mrs. West in the face!!!!! I think She has made her point with this boy!!


Miss Jodi West has been an Undercover Officer for a LONG time. She knows how to get information from anybody with a penis!!! She knows how to make boys talk!!!! Today, Officer West has been called in to Interrogate this boy. He was involved in a Diamond robbery...and he refuses to say where the Diamonds are hidden. Miss West goes to work. After several VERY HARD Slaps to the boy's face....and Screaming at is apparent that he won't problem.......Miss West switches to "Good Cop". She lets Her hair down....and whispers softly in the boy's ear.....pulls the boy's pants down.....and Masturbates the boy!!!! As the boy is nearing ejaculation.....Miss West stops...and leaves the room!!!!! An hour later....She returns. The boy's balls are blue...and he is in pain....She asks him where the Diamonds are...and he refuses to talk. Miss West again Masturbates the boy....right up until the point of ejaculation.....he refuses to She leaves again!!!! After another hour.... Miss West returns to the tearful...sore-cocked.....terrified boy. The Skilled Interrogator again begins to Masturbate he is nearing ejaculation...She gives him the Ultimatum.....Tell Her where the Diamonds are.....or another hour of sore cock......She Jerks.......and just as ejaculation arrives....the boy starts to scream out..."They are in the Bust Station....Locker #342!!!!....They are in the Bus Station......Locker #342!!!!!" The boy is screaming out this confession as Miss West is Pulling a Massive ejaculation out of him. Another successful Interrogation from the Skilled Undercover Officer....Miss West!!!!
Clip 1 - 8 mins 56 secs

Stars: Sara James

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Clip 2 - 9 mins 8 secs

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Clip 3 - 4 mins 57 secs

Stars: Jodi West
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Clip 4 - 6 mins 32 secs

Stars: Jodi West
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Cast & Stars: Jerky Girls Vol. 18 - M.I.L.F.'s Rule

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