Jerky Girls Vol. 16 - Girls Just Wanna Have Cumm

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You know what they say....."GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE CUMM!!!" Ha Ha Ha!! Turns out it's true!! Jane is getting ready to Jerk-Off Her boyfriend....something She does 4-5 times a day.....when Her Sister Catherine arrives. Jane asks Her boyfriend if it's ok for Catherine to watch the Jerk. Her boyfriend is a little hesitant...but agrees to it. The two Girls prepare for the Masturbation. No sooner does Jane begin....that there is a knock at the's Her friend Noel. Jane asks her boyfriend if Noel can watch too. He, again is hesitant....but agrees. The Masturbation continues...and there is yet another knock...this time it's her friend Kylie. Jane clears it with Her boyfriend...and Kylie is allowed to watch too!!! With all 4 Girls gathered....Jane proceeds to Beat a MASSIVE CUMBLAST out of Her all 4 Girls Cheer....laugh.....scream....applaud and High Five!!!! Cum Everywhere!!!! GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE CUMM!!!!!!!!

Clip Title- JERKY GIRLS TV!!!!

Welcome to an all new Episode of....JERKY GIRLS TV!!!!!!! Kylie, Catherine, Noel & Jane are on set for the Episode...and they decide to....."Find a stupid boy and make him Kiss our Feet". Done. Boys are soooo stupid!! All four Girl get their Feet & Toes toe at a time...until all Girls have sparkly clean Feet! Host, Catherine then announces that since it is "Jerky Girls TV".....of course the boy must be Jerked-Off.....but which Girl should Jerk?? Hmmmmm. We decide to let YOU....the home audience make the decision. The first caller through @ 1 800 Jerky TV gets to decide. the phone rings...Catherine answers and the viewer picks.....NOEL!!!! So......with the other Girls firmly planting their Feet in the boy's face, Noel Jerks his cock until it explodes, at which point all the Girls laugh and applaud!!!! Stay tuned for more Episodes of....JERKY GIRLS TV!!!!

Clip Title- Jerky Office Girls!

There is a new Girl starting work at the J.E.R.K. Corporation......and guess what?'s Catherine's Twin Sister Jane!!!!! Catherine, Noel & Kylie eagerly await Jane's arrival on Her first day and give Her a warm welcome. A "stupid boy" from the loading dock is called in...and within a few moments.....Jane is Jerking!!! All the Girls from the Department gather around and watch as the Beautiful Jane displays Her Cock-Jerking Prowess and makes the boy ejaculate all over himself. Welcome to JERK CORP!!!!!!!!


Catherine is Heartbroken...and crying!! Her Sister Jane is consoling Her. The problem is this....Catherine's boyfriend would NOT let Her Beat him Off!!! He wanted to Fuck Catherine...and refused to be he broke up with Her. Jane has a great plan for "Revenge"!!!! Jane calls the boy over, claiming that, unlike Catherine....She LOVES to Fuck!! The stupid boy falls for it...he comes over to the house...Jane tells him to take his pants off, and She will Fuck him. As soon as the moron takes his pants off....Jane gives the signal...and Noel & Kylie emerge from the closet!!! The 3 Girls attack the ambushed...pantless boy....wrestle him to the ground and pin him!!!! Jane then calls Her Sister Catherine to come in. The Heartbroken Catherine enters...and sees the 3 Girls pinning down Her She will get Her wish after all.....She can Jerk him Off!!!! Jane, Kylie and Noel continue to pin him to the ground while slapping him in the face...and smothering his mouth with their Hands...until Catherine Pulls....what can only be described as......maybe the BIGGEST CUMSHOT OF ALL TIME!!! out of her asshole ex-boyfriend. "You guys are the best friends a Girl could ever have!!" Catherine proclaims....Her eyes full of tears...tears of JOYFUL REVENGE!!!!!
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Clip 2 - 8 mins 52 secs

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Clip 4 - 8 mins 48 secs

Stars: Catherine | Jane | Kylie Ann | Noel
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Cast & Stars: Jerky Girls Vol. 16 - Girls Just Wanna Have Cumm

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