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Hot Silk






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Picture a beautiful young girl, she's naked, she has perfect natural breasts and a tight body, she opens her legs and the sweet scent of her sex intoxicates your mind. You use your hands to gently part her swollen labia, and there it is, the sign that she is aroused and wanting, delicately oozing from her pulsating vagina - it's HOT SILK! Hot Silk features seven incredible models in five outstanding lesbian scenes. It has the deepest kissing, the most adoring breast worshipping, the wettest and most amazing pussy eating, vaginas dripping with natural girl-cum, truly genuine orgasms and lesbian sex so erotic it will literally cause 'hot silk' to see from your vagina, and if you don't have one of those there will be a pre-cum wet-spot on your jockeys so big it will look like a tub of moisturizer has burst in your pants. Do not miss it!
Clip 1 - 18 mins 43 secs

Stars: Jenny M | Lucie

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Clip 2 - 26 mins 50 secs

Stars: Lucie | Zoe | Zoe Fox
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Clip 3 - 15 mins 50 secs

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Clip 4 - 26 mins 0 secs

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Clip 5 - 26 mins 21 secs

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Comments on Hot Silk

Editor's Review

The other day I was playing behind-the-scenes on HotMoviesForHer.com, looking through some of our stats, when I noticed that this movie is one of the most viewed flicks on the site. Apparently ladies love Hot Silk! And we hadn't even reviewed it! Obviously that had to be rectified right quick and I needed to see what everyone is so excited to watch.

Viv Thomas movies are always a total winner in my book. They are high quality, sensual, and above all, totally sexy. And, of course, Hot Silk is just that!

With five scenes featuring hot lesbian times all over the house and in the great outdoors, it's not had to see why so many people would be scrambling to watch this movie over and over. Not only do we get super sexy gals licking each other's pussies, each section has its own fun little story that gets you going before the clothes even come off!

My favorite of the five scenes is definitely the forth scene, where who of the leggy ladies are giggling and taking friendly naked pictures of each other in the mirror. Soon they are getting wet in their panties and decide they need to come off for a little mutual masturbation, which is super hot and only gets better when they end up licking pussy.

They get so involved and distracted that they don't even see the blonde's mom come in! Wooopsie! But even that can't turn this scene from being one to definitely watch! In fact, this whole movie is so worthy of its top title seating! Trust me, you won't regret it!

bigboss says:
Omg love the way the two beauties worshiped Natalia .... Amazing, real and so damned hot... Thank you for great jerk off scene!
bb501a says:
To finish the thought, Viv Thomas' gal films will always be more erotic than GF and SH, largely because there is nothing erotic about either Los Angeles or the United States.
bb501a says:
Viv Thomas has long defined the erotic girl on girl film, plus he discovers and uses his stable of models for many years. He was the first to understand that ten minutes of nothing but kissing is just
LordTonto says:
it's not hardJust thought I'd edit the editor's review. There's also some grammatical mistakes up there. Though not the best journalist, his opinion is spot on. Viv Thomas is the top producer of sexy

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