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They Met In Cherry Hill






Approximate Running Time: 01:56:48
Released: 2010

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2011 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

Created by a woman for women, They Met in Cherry Hill follows the daily lives of seven beautiful lesbians and their sex lives. Kathryn Annelle does an excellent job capturing the passion felt between two women and combining it with their freaky experimental ways! Women everywhere will be able to relate to film.
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Clip 2 - 31 mins 6 secs

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Cast & Stars: They Met In Cherry Hill

Comments on They Met In Cherry Hill

Editor's Review

And here, all I thought Cherry Hill was good for was an office park and a decent shopping mall. Something tells me that Triangle Films wasn't talking about Cherry Hill, New Jersey (which is right over the bridge from Philly, where we are) when they came up with the idea of this latest release, They Met In Cherry Hill. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure where Cherry Hill comes into this equation, but to be perfectly honest, the super hot sex taking place all over said Cherry Hill has me too distracted to care about much else.

The perfect amount of plot and action, this story follows the staff and patrons of Jerry's bar, as they fight, fuck and generally have lots of fun on the screen. Bratty bartender Dia Zerva sasses her overbearing boss Zoe Britton one too many times and has to be taught a lesson, while Britton's personal trainer, Ariel X, has her own lesson going on with Jiz Lee. We even get a little extra bar-goer action has Melissa Monet and Aiden Starr flirt hardcore at the bar end up having another happy hour of their own once they leave.

One thing I really love about Triangle Films is that they sometimes feature the same performers over and over again, while still adding some new blood into the mix. Melissa Monet, Ariel X, Dia Zerva, Aiden Starr and Sinn Sage are all old school Triangle ladies, while I don't think I've ever seen Jiz Lee in a Kathy Annelle flick before. There is something to be said about continuing to work with women they know are super talented and awesome, as well as something to be said about keeping things fresh and new. But honestly, Kathy and Shoosh (Triangle's producer) know how to pick performers that shine, and I would back anyone they recommended as top quality. They seriously seem to be able to spot wonderful talent and insane sexiness from the get-go and every project they put their seal of approval on is a total thumbs up.

Speaking of Jiz Lee, my favorite scene in this movie was definitely Jiz and Ariel getting busy in a beautiful shower. Side note: You know you watch too much porn when you are noticing the tile work in the tub. After a nice and sweaty workout, the pair hop in the shower for a cool down and apparently decide to heat things up instead. Lots of licking, sucking and fucking - along with two perfectly placed soap dishes/handles - had this scene topping my list from the moment I started watching it. And that's not even including the strap on harness and cock hanging in the shower, just waiting for Jiz to gear up and get into the groove. Once they did, I was totally sold. Hook, line and... sinker. Thanks for another awesome movie, Triangle!

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