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Her Little Secret






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2011 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

When Lily lands a job at the local day spa, she becomes obsessed with scheduling appointments and meeting with clients. It becomes her passion, Lily's life revolves around her job and nothing else matters. What will happen to the romantic life she shares with her partner Andy? You'll have to watch and see.
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Clip 2 - 26 mins 18 secs

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Clip 4 - 27 mins 19 secs

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Comments on Her Little Secret

Editor's Review

What do you get when you mix Jiz Lee, April Flores, Dana DeArmond, Adrianna Nicole, Marie Luv and more? A ridiculously awesome sextravaganza that could only come from the deliciously pervy mind of one Kathryn Annelle, director extraordinaire for Triangle Films. In fact, as soon as I find out a movie is made by Annelle, I know I am in for a super sexy treat. And this latest Triangle flick is no exception. Oh, and lucky you guys, we just released this video on the site, so this review is super hot off the presses!

Set in a fancy day spa, this lesbo sex romp features blond bombshell Lily Labeau as a receptionist that gets really caught up in her work, which means totally neglecting her girlfriend Andy San Dimas at home. But while that is the main plot of this story, it's really the other spa folks that have my full attention. And can you guess which sexy stars have me drooling? Why, it's Jiz and April - a total shock I know. Unfortunately these two never get busy onscreen together here, but who can really complain when they have such amazingly hot scenes with Dana DeArmond and Adrianna Nicole, respectively. So, instead of crying over what wasn't, let's take a closer peek into the total hotness of my favorite scenes.

How do you get a bratty spa customer to chill the hell out? Give her the pussy licking of her life! And Jiz does just that to a bossy Dana DeArmond. What a way to start a porno! There is something so extra hot about this pair enjoying the great outdoors and talking dirty next to a serene swimming pool. While I love both Jiz and Dana separately, the combo is fucking mind-blowing. It's totally obvious that neither is faking anything and that each moan and squeal is more real than the last. I love that they both smile and giggle and make sure they are giving each other what they want. What an awesome scene! Also, I'm fairly certain that DeArmond made a "30 Rock" Liz Lemon reference, which, of course, makes my whole life.

As for April Flores and Adrianna Nicole - this pair was meant to fuck. It's just true. They have this automatic chemistry and ease that happens when folks are truly enjoying themselves and the person they are with. All I can say is Adrianna's lips and April's hips - a serious match made in heaven. I'm not exactly sure of their plot relationship; April is either Adrianna's co-worker or her boss, but I can't say it really matters much to me, since they are equally under one another's power once their clothes come off. And all that complaining April does at the start of the scene, about her feet hurting? Well, she gets to spend quite a bit of time here with her feet up... in the air. But those sparkly silver heels never actually come off, which for me, totally makes the scene.

Thanks for another ridiculously sexy win, Triangle!

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