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Approximate Running Time: 01:18:50
Released: 2010

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2011 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

Get ready for the revolution of hardcore. Get ready for Artcore.

The latest erotic adventure from the mind of Carlos Batts, "Artcore" features his beautiful muse, April Flores, and documents a diverse range of sexual interests, from body image and gender identity to fetishes, rubber and role playing.

Playing with the ever evolving interest in sexuality in the media - movie stars playing adult stars, celebrity sex tapes, runway fetish shows and reality television - "Artcore" becomes a sinful digital mix tape blending music, mood and tempo to create a new approach to recording sex.

It's April as you've never seen her before, showing off a mind-blowing display of versatility to match the explosive curves and deadly sex appeal we already know and love.

An all-girl threesome with Courtney Trouble, Kelly Shibari, two Hitachis and an N-JOY dildo results in a multi-orgasmic, voluptuous extravaganza. They laugh, they cum and they make you want to cum with them.

Next, she gets kinky with "The Hoodman", indulging her dominant side with fabulous fetish wear and a high heel-clad foot job.

Want more? In a bowler hat and drawn-on mustache, April is joined by queer porn heartthrob Drew Deveaux for a steamy gender bending romp.

And then the nightcap. Hooking up for an after-hours interracial rendezvous, Damali and April have a lesbian BBW fling for the ages.

Featuring hot and heavy lesbians, dominance and submission and toys (but no boys), "Artcore" is Batts' most erotic film to date, an aesthetically rewarding and unapologetically explicit homage to his Latin siren and the perfect playground for her fantasies - and yours.

Music By: HustlePUNCH, Trouble MIND, Ryan Kinetic, JUNG HOLLYWOOD
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Clip 2 - 19 mins 4 secs

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Clip 4 - 13 mins 35 secs

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Comments on Artcore

Editor's Review

I've come to expect a lot from my porno. Whether it's awesome performers, real pleasure, or extraordinary style - if you don't have that added 'umph,' you won't be getting more than a few minutes of my attention. But if you just so happen to have all three and more - well, you've found a place in my pervy, pervy heart. And once you're there, it's for keeps!

I think it's pretty obvious that we are talkin' about Carlos Batts. Everything this guy brings to the porno table is more exciting than the next - and this time it's Artcore, a fucking amazing romp through a whole host of deliciously dirty sex acts featuring my personal favie, April Flores (who is also Batts' wife). Each of the four scenes is totally different from the next, creating a multi-layered porno adventure that has me glued to the screen in anticipation of what comes next.

I seriously enjoyed this entire movie, but if I had to narrow it down, I would say that my top pick is a tie between scene one - featuring April Flores, Courtney Trouble and Kelly Shibari; and scene three, with April and Drew Deveaux getting busy.

The three-way masturbation between Trouble, Shibari and Flores is so ridiculously ah-mazing. I have a total thing for zaftig chicks, and this trio is so above and beyond hot. Yes, watching them fuck each other is stellar, but the opening with them touching themselves and each other's tits definitely got my full attention from the first second. And once those Hitachi Magic Wands come out and they start screaming in pleasure... damn. Let's just say that I've found my happy place. When they strap on and go at Kelly Shibari from both ends - I have no words...just a huge smile plastered on my face.

When it comes to Drew Deveaux, I am always a totally smitten kitten. Drew has this way of looking at the camera that hits you right in the bits - and this scene is no exception! Sexiness aside, I just really like Drew's style, and am usually looking at her clothes and accessories as well as the smutty action. What? I can't help but notice an awesome ensemble and smokin' hot boots! I'm only human.

And can we just talk about April Flores in a bowler hat, pin stripes and a drawn-on mustache? Does it get any better? I think not, unless we go a little further to talk about Drew helping her out of those clothes. Things only get better once they are naked and going at each other's bodies. Smacking, pounding and metal toys lead the way into mind-blowing orgams - just the way they should!

If you are looking for something extra sexy and a little off the grid, this is the movie for you!

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