Idolize My Ass - Rachel's Power Ass

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Approximate Running Time: 00:07:40

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What an ASS on this girl! Did you not think we were going to do an ASS movie with her? How can we not? Look at this juicy, round, plump ASS she SMOTHERS Chloe with. Chloe digs her face in there and licks her ASS clean in this ASS EATING and ASS SMOTHERING lesbian snippet. Rachel is that dirty little tatted whore you take home and do all the naughty things you dream of on a first date. Enjoy her ASS scene, boys and girls!
Clip 1 - 7 mins 35 secs

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Cast & Stars: Idolize My Ass - Rachel's Power Ass

Comments on Idolize My Ass - Rachel's Power Ass

Editor's Review

When a movie is titled "Idolize My Ass," you pretty much know what to expect. And lucky us, that's exactly what we get - the complete idolization of one super sexy round ass! Seriously, this lady (Rachel) has booty for days! Not only that though, we get a gal in a bikini performing all of this beautiful ass worship.

Whether she is slapping, rubbing, kissing, licking or letting Rachel's fine ass ride her like a pony, this lady is as happy as she could possibly be. I love watching porn where the performers are as into the action as we ourselves would be.

The shoot is a little on the amateur side, which I think only adds to the charm, though the wobbly (and sometimes spinny) camera work does a number on my eyes and starts to give me a headache. No worries though, since I am pretty pre-occupied by the hot girls. Who wouldn't be?

This may be a quick taste of delicious butt action at only 7 minutes, but honestly, it's seven minutes I would watch over and over again. They aren't lying - Rachel really does have one powerful ass!

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