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Heavenly Spire - Ash & Box AND Bronc & Deluxx Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:18:50
Released: 2010
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    Heavenly Spire Volume 2 definitely follows in the gender blurring pattern that we love so much! What follows are two scenes, both sexy, exciting and extremely passionate, that will leave you on the edge of your seat no matter what your preference may be. Now sit back and enjoy the ever so beautiful complexities of queer sexual desire!

    Cast & Stars: Heavenly Spire - Ash & Box AND Bronc & Deluxx

    Comments on Heavenly Spire - Ash & Box AND Bronc & Deluxx

    Editor's Review

    This is the first time I've gotten a chance to sit down with a Heavenly Spire movie and holy crap am I excited. Everything Shine Louise Houston touches is total gold to me and I can't believe it's taken me this long to properly get familiar with her new creation appreciating masculinity. While I've always known I wasn't alone, it's still so nice to see folks like myself that have a total hard-on for queered masculinity. And I'm not talking about machismo and dicks; I'm referring to masculinity as a construct, as a role to play in the world, whether you were born with a cock or not. Alright, again with this academic stuff, let's get to the fucking!

    Starting out with a little interview, we find out that the super sexy Ash and Bos met last year while at Ms. International Leather in San Francisco and started their kinky relationship soon after. I love me a short interview before the action. I think it helps me feel a little more connected to everything going on, which is a plus for me when it comes to porn. Soon the clothing starts to fly and they are deep within the hotness within seconds. They kiss each other so tenderly and with so much passion you can totally see the chemistry between them. I won't lie, I'm honestly not sure which one is Box and which is Ash, so I'll refer a lot to the purple mohawked person and the short-haired person. I hope that's ok.

    Short-haired hotness is on their back getting the blow job of a lifetime, while simultaneously getting fucked at the same time. I love when people can multi-task! Soon they are coming over and over again, as I drip drool all over my keyboard writing this. Then there is some switching and more cock sucking, which is amazing. Only after all of this deliciousness does the Hitachi Magic Wand (the power tool of the vibrator world) come out, which short-haired hottie puts directly on their cock. And since we know that silicone transmits vibrations like a champ, it makes perfect sense that their cock would shoot the buzzing straight to their bits below. Smart thinking!

    I can't take up the whole review without getting to scene two with Bronc and Deluxx, who apparently have never fucked each other before. What fun to watch that unfold! First off, both of these guys are ridiculously hot, especially Bronc with those dreamy bedroom eyes. Watching them explore each other's bodies and is a fantastic experience. Deluxx quickly turns toppy in this tryst, smacking and slapping Bronc around the bed. And Bronc couldn't be happier! Either could I for that matter... So much fucking and so many amazingly hot moans and orgasms. I DEFINITELY need to spend some more time at the Heavenly Spire. Thanks Shine, you always manage to keep this porn reviewer coming back for more.