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Intimate Pursuit






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2011 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

Created by a Woman for Women. What could be more intimate than for one woman to licking, fondling and teasing another until they can't help but to moan and writhe in orgasmic ecstasy!? These ladies are ready to have a finger licking good time...who said you had to have a stiff cock to have a good time! These ladies LOVE the ladies and can't wait to caress all that soft, creamy skin, tits and ass! Enjoy!
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Clip 2 - 33 mins 55 secs

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Clip 3 - 25 mins 50 secs

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Clip 4 - 47 mins 20 secs

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Comments on Intimate Pursuit

Editor's Review

When it comes to porn, intimate isn't the word I would usually use. Sexy, maybe, or raw, but not intimate. To me, intimacy conjures up ideas of closeness and bond that I wouldn't necessarily equate to porn. That said, even as I wrote the last sentence, I could think of ten porn flicks that I would definitely consider to be intimate, so really, it all depends on the context, and, I think, the people behind the camera. And not many folks do intimate like Kathryn Annelle and Triangle Films.

Throughout their hot little catalog, Triangle Films consistently offers up a refreshingly intimate edge and features women that really want to hump each other. I'm not sure if it's the chemistry of the pairings, or that these movies are filmed in an awesome environment where the performers are treated as more than just commodities, but nearly every scene Triangle puts out if filled with real passion, excitement and totally hot orgasms. And, of course, Intimate Pursuit is no exception.

Each and every sexy scene in this aptly titled movie offers up super hot action and obviously real pleasure that stems from sexin that really is intimate. I love when porno proves me wrong! And all I can say is that pairing up Dylan Ryan and Ariel X, and Zoe Voss and Madison Young was such a rockin' move. Sure, all of the scenes feature amazing duos, but those two scenes (scenes 1 and 2), had an additional spark of electricity that had me grinning ear to ear while I was watching. Not only all of these women top my list, they are so super hot as two pairs that my list seriously almost caught fire! Watching them have powerful, real orgasms is just icing on the sexiest cake ever made. Thanks Triangle! Trust me and watch this!

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