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    2012 AVN Award Nominee for Best Comedy.

    Despite the controversy and legal wranglings surrounding the film, Cal Vista and Cheeky Monkey proudly present the latest release from award-winning director Erica Mclean. The Flying Pink Pig revolves around a high end, gourmet food truck business run by Sunny Lane. Sunny uses a special aphrodisiac and hot delivery girls in uniform to keep her high-end customers coming back for more. Ron Jeremy wants a piece of the action, so he sends Nicki Hunter in to infiltrate the business.

    The film utilized an actual food truck from the Los Angeles area called The Flying Pig. The owner of the Flying Pig claimed he didn't know his truck was going to be used in an adult film and sued the director to stop the release of the film. Obviously, it didn't work. So, sit back and enjoy the taste of The Flying Pink Pig where the refills are free and the sloppy seconds are always on the house(or in the truck).

    Liner Notes:
    It's what's NOT on the menu that makes the Flying Pink Pig the tastiest 'meals on wheels' in town. Sunny Lane and her girls are serving it up hot and juicy with a smile, while the villainous Ron Jeremy and his cohort, Nicki Hunter , stop at nothing to get a piece of the action!

    Comments on The Flying Pink Pig

    Editor's Review

    Parodies are nothing new in this industry. I swear by now I've seen pretty much every show I ever watched, now with tons of XXX action included. But what I've never experienced is a porno version of real life... until now. Ok, so there's a whole genre based on the real life action of ordering pizzas or calling plumbers, but I guess I just mean an inanimate object, like a lunch truck... And yes, you read correctly, a lunch truck - L.A.'s Flying Pink Pig, to be exact!

    Taking on a porno angle, the Flying Pink Pig (henceforth to be known as FPP) belongs to entrepreneur Sunny Lane and her band of hot and horny employees, which of course are all super sexy ladies. Not only does the food come with a secret aphrodisiac sauce, it comes with a smokin' lady to make sure you aren't going to need all of those extra napkins they've added to your order!

    Turning this from mere fuckfest into a plot-driven porno, Ron Jeremy is on Lane's tail and wants to take the FPP as his own. Jeremy's girl on the side, Nikki Hunter infiltrates the FPP and becomes one of Sunny's girls to get the inside scoop before (spoiler alert) she gets fucked into a conscience and joins the FPP ladies for real.

    At the same time, Lane gets to meet with a couple of investors and have a wicked threeway to get her own way with the future of the truck. This scene (the 4th one) ended up being my super favorite, if nothing else than Nick Manning's super raw and totally hot sex face. That man is not one to hold back! While gritting teeth and snarling aren't everyone's bag, I think that they are awesome and make the scene all that better for me. Though it didn't take much more than just watching Sunny Lane, Shayla LaVeaux and Nick Manning to make it so very awesome. Hot sex face is just icing on an already delicious cake. So much win!

    Oh and I can't forget to mention the law suit that happened over the truck. Apparently the truck's owner didn't get that this movie was a porno and just expected that his beloved piggy was being used in a romantic movie, and was pissed when he found out. Dude, you are either a moron for not knowing what your truck was being used for, or a total liar because I can't imagine that no one mentioned the whole fucking in your truck thing. Though honestly, I can't figure out why anyone would want to fuck in a food cart. Those things are as dirty and disgusting as they come. Still, the movie is super hot and I recommend a watch to anyone that doesn't plan to get lunch at a cart after watching.