From The Headmaster's Study - Pater Familias

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Stories from the headmaster's office are a family treasure of Lupus Pictures production. Unlike the family silver, our movies are not hidden in old cupboards, but regularly offered to you, our loyal audience.

These stories tell us about a life of the honorable headmaster of girls' school of St. Thomas and about his students - and sometimes we can even have a look in the privacy or past of the headmaster.

From this point of view, the today's movie called "The Head of Family" is a turning point in our filmography. You won't miss anything you're used to seeing - harsh beatings, rod leaving the girls' bottoms black and blue, you'll hear their crying and weeping, you can enjoy their humility, turning into complete submissiveness after fair punishment. But in this movie, you'll finally find out the whole story.

Who's headmaster Stastny?

What is his life story like?

Why is his mother so important in his life?

Today, you'll learn the whole truth, the final and only answer. After a fatal meeting in the headmaster's office, all key moments come up, and believe us, the headmaster's memories are really dramatic.

We should also say that you will see four guilty students in the story. They'll have to accept punishment for an extremely abominable act - cheating in a maths exam. Their punishment will be very painful, the naughty girls must remember it. They have to kneel for some time, while they're full of fear from the upcoming beating. And they're right, the headmaster doesn't save them from harsh rod, he gives them a proper lesson.

And there's one more reason to see this movie for you - your curiosity...
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Cast & Stars: From The Headmaster's Study - Pater Familias

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