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2012 AVN Award Winner for Best Foreign All-Sex Release
2012 AVN Award Nominee for Best Editing

Ink, the art form containing various pigments of beauty and sexual bravery culminating in the pledge of love... "I wanted to shoot a film both stylish and beautiful with an artistic flair in depth for the artwork within the film and the sexual content that reflected the beauty of all the models. I personally believe this is my best film to date." - Kendo
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Clip 2 - 16 mins 44 secs

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Clip 3 - 17 mins 11 secs

Stars: Holly D | Loco
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Clip 4 - 18 mins 28 secs

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Clip 5 - 17 mins 52 secs

Stars: Sasha Rose | Monty
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Comments on Ink

Editor's Review

Elegant and raw. Two nearly contradictory words, but the perfect pair to sum up this Daring Media Group movie. Other words I may consider include artistic, edgy, high quality, tasteful - and the list goes on. While they aren't descriptions that many people are used to hearing when talking about dirty movies, those are the words that really encompass how much the world of porno has changed in the last few years; especially when it comes to adult movies that are geared toward women. That in itself is a fairly new industry shift.

These new types of movies feature more sensuality, emotion and real pleasure for both/all performers. Plus, they are usually shot higher-quality and edited to perfection. And from what I've noticed, Daring Media's entire movie catalogue consists of awesome, quality films. Hurray for adding another studio to the growing list of fantastic lady porn options. Now, onward to the sex!

Because this movie is called "Ink," I should probably mention that all of the performers have beautifully tattooed skin. While watching folks have sex is super hot anyway, watching people that have amazing art on their bodies rub up against each other is downright breathtaking. The way the vibrant colors and pictures complement each other has me focusing on that almost as much as the sex!

Speaking of sex, this flick is full to the hilt with so many different positions and angles they are shot from. The scenes also go back and forth from black and white to color, which adds yet another layer of depth. Director Kendo does a seriously great job of showing extra sexy close ups of blow jobs and bits pounding into each other. I guess the words I really should use to sum up this video are "fucking beautiful," or its invert, "beautiful fucking." Thanks Daring Media Group!

TheShocker says:
It's a hipster version of Andrew Blake's work. Very cool. Very slick. Enjoyable to watch as well as great fun to get off to. Well done, Kendo.

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