Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 19

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Approximate Running Time: 01:17:04
Released: 2011

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For the First time we bring you ANAL CREAMPIE EATING! Watch hot MILF wife Syren get fucked in the ass by her bull lover and then gets her husband to eat the cream-pie out of her asshole!

Gabriel is your typical married man. He always wants more than he can ever have. Syren, who is a sexy MILF is tired of Gabriel wanting Anal sex, wanting to go to Swingers parties, wanting to watch her fuck another girl.

It's time for Syren to run the show and set Gabriel straight once and for all. How about as a warm-up for a swinger's party, Syren will fuck Gabriel's best friend Jack... right in front of Gabriel. And to punish the little weasel for wanting all this kinky stuff, she TRICKS HIM into believing she's got a hot toy for him to pleasure himself with and makes him close his eyes while she puts Gabriel in a chastity device! His dismay and shock surprise him but his wife fucks with him by then saying she wants to fuck his best friend right in front of him.

She gives Jack a really hot Blowjob taunting her husband and saying how much bigger and better this REAL MAN's cock is compared to his tiny shriveled penis. She lets Jack tit fuck her and then RIDES his cock moaning in pleasure and ecstasy. Her hubby tries to get involved in the action but she slaps him away continuously telling him all he gets to do is watch.

After having an intense orgasm while fucking her new lover, Jack begins pounding into her pussy and blasts a HUGE LOAD OF CUM into her pussy. Syren then tells her hubby to come over and suck it out of her, to lick out every drop of cum and to make her cum while sucking her pussy. He does so reluctantly but begins to enjoy this newfound submission and starts eating the cream-pie with great passion!

A few days later, Syren has Jack come over for some more fucking and after a few minutes of hot intense sex, she BEGS Jack to FUCK HER IN THE ASS! She wouldn't even let her husband fuck her in the ass, now she is BEGGING her lover to fuck her ass! Gabriel can't believe what he hears and asks her "What did you say?" and she repeats PLEASE Jack fuck me in the ass - totally humiliating Gabriel.

Jack begins pounding into her ass, fucking like a fast piston in a race car, while Syren has orgasm after orgasm! They switch from reverse cowgirl, to spoon position, to doggy style and after about 20 minutes of hard ass fucking, Jack explodes a HUGE LOAD into Syren's ass. She makes Gabriel look at it and stare into her asshole with all the cum inside and then ORDERS HIM TO LIE DOWN so the cum can drip from her asshole and INTO HIS MOUTH!

Gabriel lies down on the bed as cum oozes out of Syren's ass and he is compelled to swallow it.

Finally, the last scene Syren further humiliates her husband by putting his cock into a fake pussy and begins to stroke his tiny cock in the fake pussy to orgasm, totally controlling and humiliating him by denying pussy and ass to him and ordering him to get off by fucking a fake pussy!
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Cast & Stars: Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 19

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