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    Rachel Travers, a curvy blonde doll, treats us to six total scenes that mix girl-on girl sex and solo fun. No boys are allowed in this edition of Rachel's adventures! Also in the mix are a bit of costume play (nurse and schoolgirl) and sexy lingerie!

    Scene 1 - "Fancy Dress" - Rachel and girlfriend Holly Kiss intend to go out to a party and are discussing what to wear. Rachel is wearing a naughty nurse's uniform, while Holly is decked out in one of thise little black dresses that just screams, "I'm ready for a shag, boys!" Naturally, they get sidetracked and decided to have their own little private party. Things start out with a Holly giving Rachel a nice massage, but soon enough the two are giving each other's gashes a real workout!

    Scene 2 - "Bored in Class" - Rachel steps into the role of a bratty schoolgirl who just hates school and think teachers stink. She's obviously not a very good student either, because she can't even get the uniform right! Who's ever heard of a school where PVC clothing is mandatory anyway? Either way, we're lucky that the teacher has left the room, because this gives us the chance to spy on Rachel as squirms around and eventually finds naughty ways to amuse herself. Digging around in her teacher's desk, she finds a dildo and really starts to abused her sweet, little pussy!

    Scene 3 - "Trailer Trash" - Rachel and Frakie Babe are a couple of filthy bitches who are living in a trailer. With no TV or other such luxuries, they have to amuse themselves with some girl-on-girl sex. Shocking! Just shocking! During this vulgar display, Frankie fucks Rachel with a banana and eats it! We suppose you have to get your nutrition in creative ways when you live in the back of a caravan.

    Scene 4 - "Reflections" - Here get a sneaky view of Rachel in a black dress taking care of her needs by a mirror. She even uses a rabbit-styled vibrator that's so powerful, it purrs like the engine of a finely tuned Aston Martin!

    Scene 5 - "Home from Work" - Sarah Kelly, a particularly tight-bodied bird comes home to find Rachel lounging around at home. Lazy sod! But Rachel was at least kind enough to dress up in some of her best lingerie. The babes get down to business pretty quickly and thoroughly satisfy one another. Then the cheeky ladies head outside to flash they're perverted neighbor!

    Scene 6 - "Playing in the Kitchen & Bath Time" - After all this sex, one needs to relax. This in mind, Rachel intends to have a drink and relax in the bath, but she just can't keep her hands off her self. Lucky for us, we get to watch these intimate moments!

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