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Approximate Running Time: 00:34:55

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Lesbian porn star, Lily Cade, invites queer porn star, Tina Horn, into her home for a raunchy sex scene and created an intense piece of work for Good Dyke Porn. The scene is set as Tina Horn washes dishes in the kitchen while Lily Cade tries to distract her from her task. Quickly forgetting about the housework the two use the counters, the floors and easily accessible strap-on cocks to fuck each other with such intensity the screams and slaps are nearly deafening.
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Clip 2 - 15 mins 55 secs

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Cast & Stars: Lily Cade & Tina Horn

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Editor's Review

Hasn't this happened to us all? You get caught up in a whirlwind of sex and excitement and stuff around the house goes to seed. The bills need to get paid, the cat litter changed, and yes, that massive pile of dishes by the sink must be dealt with... but does it has to happen riiiiiiigggggghhhht now?? Isn't there just a little more sex to be had? Lily Cade seems to think so, and I totally agree.

While Tina Horn tries to get the house back into a little bit of order and wash the dishes, Lily tries her best to distract and return all the attention to the sex they should be having. Tina holds firm to her scrub brush for as long as she possibly can, but Lily finally wins her over with a little under the dress fondling. Resist as she may, the gloves come off once the tits come out.

I love, love, love how toppy Tina gets as soon as she steps away from the sink. Well, that and how bratty Lily gets. She even uses one of my personal favorite lines - "fuck me like you mean it," which gets the desired effect of Tina pounding into her. They don't even leave the kitchen before stripping down and getting busy. And lucky us, Lily had the forethought to hide a njoy Pure Wand in the cabinet before they started fucking, so we get some awesome 100% stainless steel action as well. Yum.

As with all Good Dyke Porn movies, this one is packed with real pleasure. It couldn't be more obvious that both Tina and Lily are having an awesomely hot time and thoroughly enjoying it all. Those screams and moans are completely the real deal, and definitely make the movie for me.

And we can't forget that Lily ends up cleaning those dishes herself. Oh the powers of persuasive pussy!

Another super sex gem from GDP!

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