Amia Miley J/O Panty

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Approximate Running Time: 01:09:36
Released: 2009

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Amia Miley is back by popular demand and she takes full control of your every desire as she reminds you who's in charge. She is so adorable in her little ruffle skirt, layered over her pink panties and stockings to match her cute pink sweater. This little girl is so naughty as she lifts her legs to take you in for a closer look at her what's under her skirt. She talks you into cumming all over her little pink panties and then asks you if you want to go again. Her dirty talk and sweet innocent look are the secret combination to your loaded weapon and she knows it. The skirt comes off and Amia bends her nice firm ass over in your face as she instructs you to grip that cock. Her satin panty covered pussy thrusts back and forth from behind as you imagine having what's inside her panties. Amia continues her slow strip tease down to only her pink panties and matching stockings before moving back to the couch for some in your face pussy play. The panties fall into every little crease of her tight little pussy while she begs for more of your gooey white stuff. The panties come off and Amia tells you how lucky you are to get her panties. She slides into another pair of pink panties and begins the dick tease all over again. Tight panty pulling and juicy ass spreads will have you wrapped around her little finger as she forces another sticky load out of your big fat cock. Amia is doing an intense work out, stretching every inch of her perfect body while wearing a skin tight spandex bodystocking. She feeds you the silent treatment as she moves from the floor to the top of the kitchen counter teasing you with seductive eye contact knowing just what you want. Finally she opens her mouth and what she has to say to you is more than you can take as she talks about fucking you with her tight little pussy.

The bodystocking comes off and in only her sexy red panties and matching red socks she continues to feed you with more filthy fuck talk as she baits your cock with her panty covered mound. She instructs you to grab a drink, lock your door and prepare to spend the entire weekend in your room with her DVD and your cock in hand. She owns your cock as she moves around the room tugging and pulling her panties hard against her pussy showing you right where to land your load. Her intense breathing and sexy moans are all you can think about as she begs for you to cum all over her sexy body. She loves what she does to you when she throws her pussy in your face. She loves the effect she has on you and she thanks you for spilling yourself all over her. Next she changes into another pair of panties and takes control of your cock and everything in it one more time before setting you loose. Amia's home from school wearing her plaid skirt, white blouse, knee high socks and matching white cotton panties. She heard that you were a jerk off virgin and assures you that she will teach you everything you need to know. She gets you started with up skirt views of her tight white panties while your cock begins to stiffen. She tells you how important self control is and lets you know that it's not good to erupt too soon. She will let you know when it's time to place your hands on yourself so be patient and just watch her as she places her pussy right over your face. The anticipation of grabbing hold of your cock begins to build as she spreads her legs wide open. She gives you the okay to touch yourself and she demonstrates how it's done. Nice and slow she says until it's time to cum. She removes her blouse and lets you look at her nice round breasts first and then she removes her skirt next. In only her white knee socks and white cotton panties she continues to instruct you on what to do with your cock next. She can see that you are starting to lose control as she waives her pussy over your face some more and then finally she gives you the okay to bust your nut all over her little white panties. Tight yellow spandex shorts and a white halter top never looked better than it does on Amia in this final scene. She is money hungry and willing to make you cum if the price is right. She tells you to pound that cock as if you were pounding her pussy. She tells you how wet she is for you and lets you know how much you turn her on.

Once she's done using her body to take your cum, she takes your money next and asks if you have enough for another round. The spandex shorts come off first and the halter top comes off next and in only her socks and white panties she moves to the floor and role plays a fuck session with you on top of her. She stands up and orders you to move your ass to the ground and shoot your load up at her panties, and then she takes your money again. Lucky for you there's more money to spend and she changes into another pair of panties with every intention of taking every last dollar in your wallet. The panties are pulled so tight up her pussy they disappear in between her lips for a while as she moans out for you. Amia moves up on the couch and backs that ass up right where you like it before finishing you off and leaving you with nothing but an empty wallet and dried up cock.
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Cast & Stars: Amia Miley J/O Panty

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