Girls Indulging

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Approximate Running Time: 01:31:46
Released: 2011

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19-year-old super babe Cleo has flirted her arse off in a bid to get into sweet, innocent Blaire's pants. All her efforts paid off with this incredibly sexy, passion filled afternoon romp. Things start with some deep tongue kissing with hands roaming all over each other's bodies before dipping down into the wetness of their panties for some much needed stress relief!

There's lots of fingering, licking and tribbing - that hot move where both their pussies grind together and their boobs jiggle so invitingly... Make sure you talk to these two cute Aussies on our forums! They're both super keen to chat to new members!

Fae's gasps as Angie kisses, fondles and licks her breasts are smoldering steamy. Her almond eyes and creamy Asian skin flushes pink with her rising excitement and her jet-black silky hair gets dramp with sweat. The sexual tension keeps building and building until it bursts into a pussy grinding, back-arching and finger crescendo.
Clip 1 - 41 mins 46 secs

Stars: Angie (i) | Fae

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Clip 2 - 49 mins 58 secs

Stars: Blaire | Cleo
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Cast & Stars: Girls Indulging

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