Ass Worship - Ass Feeding Time

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Approximate Running Time: 00:19:14
Released: 2011

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We all know Heather and Alexis love to eat some ass and this clip is no exception. Alexis gives you the ass tease at the beginning before getting her ass eaten out by Tony. It's at this point where Heather spreads her legs and shoves her face full of pussy. Alexis dives in and licks her clit hard and shoves her tongue deep inside. Tony is gasping for air as Alexis shoves hard down onto his face. Tony shoves his tongue in even harder as Alexis moans into Heather's pussy. This clip is amazing as the 3 of them suck and lick all over each other. Alexis gets a little angry at the end and grabs Tony by the back of his head and shoves even deeper into her ass, she just can't get enough of a good thing...and neither can we!

Cyrus likes it when you gently lick the outside of her ass ever so gently so it tickles her. She is not the hard ass eating type. She is the slow and steady and lick around the edges type. She likes the feeling of gently tickling her ass as she moves it around your face the way she likes it. She is friendly Femdom. If there is such a thing. She will passively tell you exactly how she wants it. Watch her slowly lower her perfect little apple ass right onto Ashley in the shower stall and move her ass crack right on her tongue and nose...Cyrus is delicious little Ass Bitch.
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Clip 2 - 9 mins 18 secs

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Cast & Stars: Ass Worship - Ass Feeding Time

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