Dani Daniels' The Yoga Instructor

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Approximate Running Time: 01:42:55
Released: 2011

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This is the epitome of sensual lesbian sex! This movie is chock full of some amazing looking lesbians! Filly Films has really outdone themselves with names like lily Carter, Dani Daniels, Heather Starlet and Brett Rossi! Gorgeous girls get into yoga and become infatuated with their beautiful, limber instructor Dani... They cannot resist her and sexual tension begins to overcome them!
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Cast & Stars: Dani Daniels' The Yoga Instructor

Comments on Dani Daniels' The Yoga Instructor

Editor's Review

Who doesn’t love a good yoga class? I know I, for one, am into anything that has me stretched into all sorts of strange positions that my body isn’t used to – and doing it privately with one other hot lady… well, all I can say is ‘how deep do I need to bend into this Downward Facing Dog?’

Dani Daniels is a private yoga teacher with an eye for her super sexy clientele – especially the sweet, innocent-seeming young women. And once her client instructs Dani not to hit on her visiting sister (Lily), who she booked a yoga lesson for, Dani can think of nothing but her totally toned, sweaty body. Soon she turns the session a little more ‘hands-on,’ asking Lily about her history of wanting to fuck girls, and offering up her lesbian cherry-popping services.

It doesn’t take too long to convince Lily that this different kind of work out is the one for her. And of course we get some sexin’, full of licking, grinding and tons of moaning. I guess they wanted it to seem realistic, because it surely seems that Lily has never actually eaten a beave before, utilizing a kind of unrealistic ‘fantasy lesbian porn’ approach. Yeah, I wasn’t super impressed with it, to be honest. I’m more interested in real lesbians eating real pussy and enjoying the fuck out of it. Now, I’m not saying this is wrong or bad… I’m just not as into it.

Whether I’m into it or not is not the point, because big sister Elle Alexandra is DEFINTELY not happy when she finds out that Dani has not only fucked her sister, but also blatantly ignored Elle’s request. Oops. And all Dani can say in defense is “she looked good”? Oh Dani, you definitely deserve Elle’s beat down… but alas, it doesn’t come to fisticuffs… it comes to fucking! Rough and frenzied fucking, but fucking none-the-less. I can’t say I’m disappointed, because Elle is a fiery redhead with an attitude, which just so happens to be my favorite. Their scene (3) ends up being my favorite as well. Definitely worth a watch and a little “Downward Dog” of your own, if you get what I mean… Namaste.

andyhibbert says:
Very good movie, Dani Daniels is the perfect yoga instructor!

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