Girls Tasting Girls

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Approximate Running Time: 01:50:02
Released: 2011

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Jenna and Masie are out walking in the park and practicing some exercises on gym equipment. Jenna lifts her legs up in the air to reveal her sexy bum and undies. Masie seizes the moment and spanks the unsuspecting Jenna. This spontaneous spanking sets the tone for a very sensual, salacious and passionate girl-on-girl sex. Watch their foreplay, as they tease and excite each other, culminating in multiple orgasms! They passionately finish with fingering and intimate oral sex. Playing spin the bottle with four naturally exquisite and sexually pent-up girls will definitely reach an exciting end game. Kylie spins and lands on Annabelle who gladly obliges the compulsory kiss. A kiss which soon leads into something much more intimate. Dragging one another into the bedroom, Kylie and Annabelle waste no time. Annabelle slips her tongue down Kylies beautifully shaved pussy, whilst Kylie runs her hands over Annabelles taut slim body, grabbing and playing with her firm breast!
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Clip 2 - 54 mins 8 secs

Stars: Jenna K | Masie
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Cast & Stars: Girls Tasting Girls

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