The Secretary 2

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Approximate Running Time: 02:03:37
Released: 2012

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Lily LaBeau is a sexy young applicant in search of a job with Evan Stone's company. But despite her innocent, shy demeanor, Evan knows she's actually a manipulative nymphomaniac, which is exactly what he's looking for. Meanwhile company Vice-President Raylene sets her sights on young office stud Joey Brass, cornering him in the conference room for a quick tryst. Will Zoe Voss confess her love for coworker Christian? Will gorgeous new hire Rocco Reed help Lily reform her evil ways? Find out in The Secretary Vol 2. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.
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Comments on The Secretary 2

Editor's Review

It seems that I’ve been on a bit of a Lily LaBeau kick this week, it being Wednesday, and this being the second movie I am reviewing with her involved. How could I not be on a Lily LaBeau kick though, she is not only super sexy, she is totally sweet and a definitely a bit girl-next-door (a total turn on). And since this is a Sweet Sinner flick, directed by Nica Noelle, I know I’m watching her really get off and enjoy herself – something that is a big deal to me when I’m watching dirty movies.

We start out this series sequel with a tryst between LaBeau and Evan Stone, who play interviewing secretary and interviewer boss, respectively. Lily gets her blackmail on and exerts her power over Evan Stone, initiating a really hot fuck. I’d feel ‘eh’ about the blackmail if Stone wasn’t trying to do it to her first. I can’t help it – my values even come up during porno. I love that Evan Stone looks so damn angry when they start to fuck. He does a really good job of acting like he isn’t into it, for about 30 seconds, when the excitement gets to be too much to ignore. I also love that Lily takes her large hoop earrings out. Yep, girl is about to throw down! And she certainly does, the pair of them fucking in a ton of positions all over the couch in his office. Oh and yes, she gets the job.

The second Lily LaBeau scene features her with Rocco Reed, a total boy-next-door. Get the pair of them together and they are the super couple next door neighbors that you love to hear fucking (get it, because they both look so “next door”). Anyway, Rocco is a new hire that Lily gets to ‘show the ropes’ and take on a tour of the office. Why not start with the conference room? It’s nice and… spacious. They get down to business right away, taking their clothes off and making great use of the conveniently located couch. Does this office have a couch in every room?? I love watching Lily and Rocco fuck because they both look so innocent and sweet that it’s really fun to see them get down and dirty.

I guess I can’t forget to mention that Raylene, Christian, Joey Brass and Zoe Voss are in this flick as well – and all do a wicked hot job. Thanks for everything Sweet Sinner… especially my second helping of Lily LaBeau this week.

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