Lily Cade's Live Nerd Girls

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2012 Feminist Porn Award NomineeGeeky lesbians are among us! They love comics, they love Harry Potter, they love Dungeons And Dragons, they love World Of Warcraft, and yes these nerds love their sexy girlfriends. Play along with us in this all-nerd-girl adventure and boldly go where no lesbian company has gone before!
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Comments on Lily Cade's Live Nerd Girls

Editor's Review

After reading the description for this lesbian flick, how could I not review it? I mean, lesbians that like Harry Potter, comics, gaming and Dudgeons and Dragons? I’m sold! And thank goodness I was, because holy crap is this movie awesome and hot!

Two performers I don’t remember ever seeing before, but really like in this film, are Sasha Sweet (scene 1) and AnnaBelle Lee (scene 2). Both are super cute, nerdy and totally exciting to watch – something I consider a trifecta of awesome. Not only do they offer up sexy action, they are pretty decent actresses as well, giving me believable nerdiness. For goodness sake, AnnaBelle even has a The Nightmare Before Christmas scarf used as a blindfold on her. Yep, nerdy to the core… and extra hot!

For me, the real shining spot was Sinn Sage and Laurel Norton (who I’ve never seen before either) in scene 3. Sinn notices Laurel as she is sitting on the floor, wallowing after not seeing her favorite Tv show characters on a panel. It must be some Dr. Who type of show, because Laurel is decked out in a long coat and suspenders, akin to something I’ve seen a Whovian (the show’s fans) wearing around at some point. Whatever the show, the costume looks pretty hot and androgynous on her. And you know how I love a little gender fucking. Yum.

Sinn invites Laurel for a drink to cheer her up, but it turns out that Laurel doesn’t even turn 21 til later in the year, so she invites Sinn to head back to her bunk (obviously do a little cradle robbing). And the kissing begins!

Soon they are back in Laurel’s room, where those suspenders come down. Actually they stay pretty clothed for a minute before disrobing, and really those suspenders don’t actually come down for a little while, with Sinn opting for unbuttoning Laurel’s shirt instead – and then talking it off with the suspenders still up. So hot! And, I’d be remised if I didn’t mention Laurel’s robot socks too. Go team nerd!

Once all the clothing comes off, this pair are off, giving us some extra sexiness. They go pretty slow, kissing and grinding against each other before rocking out some oral activity, finger banging, and crotch-on-crotch, tribbing action. Standard lesbian formulaic porn order, but still really fun, especially since they seem to be really getting off. And I love how sweaty they get! It’s hard to tell, but it looks like Laurel could have some insignia shaved into her pubic hair. Like maybe the TV show’s logo? I doubt it, but really, how awesomely nerdy would that be?

The movie ends with some double Lily action – giving us Lily LaBeau and Lily Cade playing Dungeons and Dragons… and getting busy. What a great combo. I love watching them both, so together I nearly blew my load as soon as the scene began. And the fact that they segued from D&D to fucking so smoothly. I am seriously impressed… and need to get thee to a RPG store STAT for a 12-sided die.

All in all, an awesome, nerd-ariffic movie! And I really hope to see more Laurel Norton, AnnaBelle Lee and Sasha Sweet.

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