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Bree Olson Uncovered!






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Bree Olson is a very well - known starlet and a former Goddess! And this movie pays homage to the infamous Bree Olson! Cum and see sweet, sweet Bree fall into the arms of another woman! Bree and her friends are having quite a good, pussy - licking time! Created by a Woman for Women. 6 Sexy Scenes from the Kathryn Annelle Collection, over 3 hours of pussy - licking action! Cum and see Bree like you've never seen her before! Also featuring Ariel X, Annette Schwartz, Jenna Haze, Michelle Lay and Penny Flame.
Clip 1 - 32 mins 58 secs

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Clip 2 - 31 mins 12 secs

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Clip 3 - 34 mins 54 secs

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Clip 4 - 29 mins 34 secs

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Clip 5 - 30 mins 9 secs

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Clip 6 - 36 mins 44 secs

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Comments on Bree Olson Uncovered!

Editor's Review

If you’ve been with us for any amount of time, you know I have a special lady boner for Triangle Films. Along with being super duper hot, there is something extra exciting to me in knowing that their movies are created by lesbians of a different generation. Now, I’m not saying that director Kathryn Annelle and her partner/producer Shoosh are old – heavens no! I’m just saying that I think it is seriously awesome that these women who are older than your typical pornographer are making amazingly hot lesbian porn.

Up this time is their latest release Bree Olson Uncovered!, featuring none other than blond bombshell Bree Olson herself. Those Triangle minxes must have been keeping this gem in their back pocket for a little while because not only has the main performer retired from porn (Did Bree retire before or after the Charlie Sheen business? I can’t remember), three of the other six women have as well – Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze and Penny Flame. If I remember correctly, I believe all the scenes were shot in 2007, which, by porno standards makes this a classic, right? Just kidding! But it does help us relieve those awesome days when these four porno powerhouses were taking the industry by storm. Alright, enough chitchat, let’s get to the sexin’!

First up is Penny Flame, who helps welcome Bree Olson into the sorority rush (which I assume is the Tribade Sorority – another Triangle series). One of the requirements of this particular Greek organization is having sexual skill… and only using it on other members of the sorority. Flame gives Bree a nekkid body check before showing her just how the sisters treat each other – with lots of pussy licking, clit grinding and making out! Now that’s the hazing I’m talkin’ about!

Scene two doesn’t even bother with a plot before the action begins between Bree and Michelle Lay. They allude to a little bit of a story, but by that point, I’ve totally stopped tuning in and am so focused on the sex that I can’t be bothered to follow. I do hear them complimenting each other, which I think is pretty hot. It takes the pair about 5 seconds to be fully immersed in their pussy play, bringing toys into the mix as well. Hell, we even get some tit-clit activity! Woohoo!

After hearing a behind-the-scenes account of Bree and Sasha’s scene, it’s actually really interesting watching scene three. They are either awesome actresses, or the tension between them spilled over to the sex. It’s not that they are having a hate fuck or anything, it’s just that the characters aren’t acting warm and fuzzy, but it seems like they were written that way (which would tie it all together nicely, huh?) They fuck passionately and keep things rough, with lots of hot hair pulling. Very nice.

Scene four, five and six feature Jenna Haze, Ariel X and Annette Schwartz, respectively. Each Bree interactions is hella hot and super worth a watch, but this review is getting a little long in the tooth, so I’m skipping a full on break down of each scene here. Just go watch and enjoy.

Thanks, Triangle, for another awesome flick!

bigboss says:
Never seen Bree dommed, throated, gagged, choked and fucked like this before
bigboss says:
scene 3 is amazing....i cannot believe Bree could deepthroat that huge strap on but she does and no gagging noted..... Sasha is a master with the strap on and make Bree cum over and over again. Would

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