Power & Control

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2013 AVN Award Nominee for Best Vignette Release.

For over two hours watch these ladies surrender to their man's sexual impulses When you power & control see just how passionate the sex can really be when he calls all the shots!

Maddy O'Reilly is housekeeping for Danny Mountain. She teases him until he can't take it and takes off her clothes. This teasing gets Maddy what she's craving...big cock and a creamy load. Lizzy London, a librarian, gets some lovin from a prisoner. Lily LaBeau thinks her coworker is either fucking with her or wants to fuck her. Jessie Andrews is engaged and gets a bangin in the bathroom. Then a bonus scene called "Worship Me" and another and a Behind the Scenes footage.
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Comments on Power & Control

Editor's Review

I honestly could not pass up the chance to watch Digital Sin’s Power & Control. Nearly three hours of high quality sex on screen – sign me up! Plus I get to spend a little time with Lily LaBeau and James Deen, two performers that I really enjoy and have not watched in a minute. Seems like I win all around.

The basic premise of this flick is ladies submitting to the sexual impulses of their men. Sounds pretty good, huh? I just need to get out of the way that no, I don’t think women need to be submissive to men. This is fantasy and playing with power, something totally different than men being the dominant in a relationship or non-negotiated sexual experience. Ok, public service announcement over. I just needed to make sure that it was said before continuing on to our regularly scheduled porn review.

So, yes, this is seven scenes of women surrendering to the power of men. Pretty hot, right? And they are all different little vignettes that give us a nice variety in the power plays. First up are Danny Mountain and Maddy O’Reilly. Maddy is Danny’s maid, who manipulates him to fuck her good and dirty. They don’t even get into any foreplay action before Danny is pounding into her pussy fast and hard. There is no bother taking off clothes or anything, just pulling up Maddy’s skirt and Danny fucking with his pants around his knees. That is until he rips her shirt right off her while simultaneously choking her. We get a little blow job and a few position changes, but all in all, it’s the same furious fucking for the whole scene. No complaints here.

Next up is The Prisoner with Lizzy London as a prison librarian and Xander Corvus as a prisoner. Yeah, it’s a little random, but it’s porn, so are you really shocked? This scene is more of a rugged sex fantasy and also included shirt ripping (I wonder if it will be a pattern?) as Xander corners her into the stacks of the library. He binds Lizzy’s hands with her own bra and rams into from behind over and over again. But no matter how hard he tries to keep her quiet, she can’t help her loud moans and howls of pleasure.

Lily LaBeau and Ramon Nomar star in scene three, The Games We Play, as a pair of co-workers. Lily isn’t quite sure of Ramon is trying to annoy her or seduce her, but within moments we find out when she gets blunt with him and flat out asks. This, of course, leads to really fucking hot sex with Lily LaBeau in the driver’s seat. YUM!

I’m not going to review the rest of the scenes one-by-one because this post would be too long, but just know that each scene is awesome! The only thing I’m a little confused about it that they describe it as women submitting to men, but honestly, it seems like the scenes are an even split of men submitting as well.

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