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Sex Picnic Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:08:14
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    An afternoon romp in the woods between 2 female friends is interrupted by 2 males. Soon interruption becomes enhancement as they all enjoy one another under the warm sun. Do you enjoy your sex "au natural'"? Then this classic footage of a foursome frolicking is for you.
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    Comments on Sex Picnic

    Editor's Review

    Who needs a wicker basket full of finger foods when you can have a sex picnic! HotOldMovies brings us another classic porno quickie – this time offering up a delicious feast of dirty delights! Two women head into the woods for a romantic romp down by the waterfall. As they get hot and bothered with a little finger banging, pussy licking and jerking off, a pair of dudes happen upon them.

    Holding back a first to catch a hot view, the guys get closer and closer until they are enveloped by the web of sex happening on the blanket. I’m not exactly sure how they are integrated into the mix, as there is an edit straight to the action, but the women seem more than happy to have a couple of men folk join in their bangfest.

    Since this movie is only eight minutes long, the pairs waste no time getting their fuck on. There is even a super sexy from behind fuck going on against a rock. Yum. I’ll admit that everything seems a little sped up, but that may just be the old-timey 8mm film. Who know, and really who cares? All I know is that I am glad it’s summer and that a sex picnic could be a realistic possibility in my life (aka. as soon as I post this review!)