An Office Romance

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2011 AVN Award Winner for Best New Series

Sometimes 9 to 5 can be the most erotic part of the day.

Janet craves the touch of the man at the desk across from hers, but as she daydreams about the sensual caress of Mark, he is transferred to a different office. If only Janet knew the mysterious circumstances that brought Mark to her department in the first place; or the secret love affair that her bosses Max and Wendy carry on while nobody is looking; or the heartache that tortures her friend Steve as he works so closely with Melissa, but never close enough. Will the longing and lust surrounding Janet finally inspire her to act on her desires?

New Sensations: Romance presents An Office Romance, a dramatic story of love and the workplace.
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Comments on An Office Romance

Editor's Review

I’m not usually one for sweet lovely dovey pornos. I’m not really even a huge fan of romantic comedies or sappy love stories. That isn’t to say I don’t like to watch people in love (or like) sexing it up because I do love a real connection. I just prefer my on camera fuck sessions to be a bit more hardcore. I can’t help it. I like the filth.

An Office Romance is definitely one of those lovey dovey pornos. Two co-workers, Monique Alexander and Charles Dera, are in love, but both question whether or not they should say it. They confess their feelings for each other just before missing the opportunity forever. Along the way there are a few other romantic vignettes that are so darn syrupy sweet you’ll need a filling or two when all is said and done. I have to admit, the acting isn’t half bad. Sure, the dialogue is a delicious slice of raspberry chocolate cheesecake, but I knew that’s what I was in store for. The characters are fairly believable and actually have inflection in their voices. There aren’t too many unnecessary sighs or head shakes (common in bad porno acting). It is a bit like watching a soap opera, but with blow jobs and fucking. In other words, it isn’t academy award winning, but the performers get it done.

As expected, the sex moves slowly. They keep it moving with different positions and sex on the desk, but it just slow. It is the first time I have ever heard anyone say “I love you” in a dirty movie. When Even Stone lifts his head up and utters the words all I can think about is the scene in Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 3 where he covers Adrianna Nicole‘s entire face with his balls. Not that testicles to the face can’t be construed as an act of love, but the two scenes are polar opposites. It is the tamest yet craziest thing I’ve seen in porn in all of my years. Not bad, just different.

An Office Romance isn’t exactly the kind of boning that starts the party in my pants, but it is really well done. The performers are committed and give their all to the love making. Even the camera work and lighting is decent. If you’re the kind of person that likes romance novels and love stories, this is the smut that your dreams are made of.

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