Mistaken Identity

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Approximate Running Time: 00:32:19
Released: 1990

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Leah gets bound, gagged, and spanked! That's right ... see Leah in bondage!

A stranger kidnaps Leah and ties her up. He thinks she's somebody else and starts by spanking her curvy bottom by hand and two different paddles! Leah struggles, begs for mercy and wails in agony, as her spanking goes on and on. He leaves a few times, keeping her tied up in his dungeon for a long time. And, each time he leaves, Leah tries to escape. But every time he returns, he spanks her some more! Will she escape? And why is this guy taking her? Watch the surprise ending to find out! Another great Leah spanking video with a twist and bondage!
Clip 1 - 18 mins 44 secs

Stars: Leah (i)

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Clip 2 - 13 mins 33 secs

Stars: Leah (i)
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Cast & Stars: Mistaken Identity

Comments on Mistaken Identity

TommyG says:
Leah is indeed great but she got no help in this one. The guy barely touches her. Did no one tell him Leah likes it rough

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