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Approximate Running Time: 01:11:46
Released: 2012

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2013 Feminist Porn Award NomineeTaking the world by storm, April Flores has her hands (and those large, supple breasts) in everything having to do with adult entertainment. She's spreading her sexual influence from West to the East!

She's graced the covers of Bizarre and AVN Magazine. She's modeled for some of the world's most sought-after fine art photographers. She's been featured in dozens of adult films and is now the subject of a real-life documentary that follows her on the road trip of a lifetime.

In this exciting debut, watch April Flores pose for painters, photographers and directors. Follow her as she searches out the perfect coastal spot to "unwind" and see April engage award-winning crime fiction author Christa Faust in what has been described as the most exciting and sexually-tense pie fight ever caught on film.

Also featured is April Flores telling some of her most personal stories, on stage in Hollywood; from her first job to the very intimate and erotic story of how she got started in the adult Industry.

This is your very first, and very personal, look at the world of April Flores - the fearless BBW star with scarlet hair who took your breath away with her unapologetic confidence, her outspoken support for body diversity, and of course, her jaw-dropping beauty. This is the REAL story of April Flores!
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Stars: April Flores

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Stars: April Flores
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Cast & Stars: April Flores World

Comments on April Flores World

Editor's Review

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this movie. I mean really, is there any place I’d rather be more than April Flores’ World? I think not. There’s been buzz about this C. Batts FLY movie for a while, but it’s only now that I finally have the time to sit down and give it the proper attention it deserves. Oh April, I am so ready!

First things first, I need to stress that this movie is not your typical porno. Not only is there very little sex happening, we get a chance to see April Flores in a whole different light and experience her shining personality on screen. As much as I love me some April Flores perversions (and I so, so do), I am so excited to see more than just her super hot body being featured.

Don’t get me wrong, I am overjoyed to watch her get busy, but I can turn on any porno with April and see her fucking. This movie is so special because it’s something totally different. In fact, from what I’ve heard from April and Carlos Batts (the director/April’s husband), this movie is a completely intentional stray from the norm, dedicated to offering April in a previously unseen way. Maybe it’s because I watch so much porn, but I am honestly thrilled to see something different – especially from a duo as artistic and unexpected as April and Carlos. Onward to the action!

While I’m not really into wet and messy porn (I am a Virgo, after all), I totally love watching this opening scene with April and her friend Christa, as they get into an all out pie fight and hang out on a busy sidewalk covered in whipped cream. The whole thing is very PG-13 on the surface, but oozes with sexual tension and sweet, girly giggles. It’s sexy and fun in a way that doesn’t scream “fetish,” but definitely gets it across to those in the pervy know. It may be a little analyze-y on my part, but I see that opening as a way to introduce that no one is taking themselves too porno seriously here, which I see as a good thing. After all, there is a LOT of very earnest “sexy” porn out there… sometimes you need to find what makes you laugh to stand out.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, we get a first glimpse of April doing anything overtly sexual. She poses for a picture, rubbing her tits and sucking on a dildo. That only goes on for a few minutes before we head into a behind the scenes at April’s photo shoot with Bizarre Magazine. The pictures from the shoot are actually really awesome, so it’s neat to see what happened back stage, including all the blooper-y stuff. What can I say, I like the realness.

When I got to scene 3, I was actually pretty excited because if I’m not mistaken, this jerk off action was filmed during the Feminist Porn Awards trip of 2011 – and this was down the hall from my room. And if this was when I’m thinking it was, I was actually getting ready to do an interview with April right afterwards. Anyway, sorry for my trip down memory lane, back to the hotness. Tina Horn shoots a scene of April, dressed in a lacy bra and fishnets give a super sexy dildo blowjob. Yum.

Alright, I need to stop writing about every scene in detail, because this review is going to be nine pages long if I don’t. What I really want to convey in this write-up is the tone of the movie, which is avant garde and highly erotic, while still being light and fun. April gets a chance to really show her charming personality, which, for me, only enhances my hard on for her. We should all consider ourselves lucky to have a chance to spend a little time getting to know this side of April Flores. Two thumbs up from this peanut gallery.

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