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Wow! Our eleventh title featuring hard, rocking, pussy-popping Hands On Orgasms! Who knew that something so natural as women wanting an extra erotic touch to help them orgasm would be the answer to both men and women's erotic fantasies? This HD movie features 9 women having a total of thirteen orgasms as Samantha Bentley, Sienna and Sophia Rose go multiorgasmic when the Cameraman plays with their pussies.

Wearing only black and yellow striped knee high socks we meet brunette Natasha meeting "a girls best friend" (aka, the magic wand) at the hands of the cameraman. Natasha is a twenty year-old babe who likes to have her lippy pussy played with. He works the powerful toy across her brazilian airstrip and wiggles his finger in the base of her vagina. Natasha is moaning and writhing - and watch as her huge pussy lips and clitoris swell even more as he works the toy on her! Amazing! As he continues to work the toy on her pussy, he dips a finger into her vagina to play with her wetness. He tries to switch the power to high, but Natasha can't handle that. He notes how wet she is now. She is asking him to stop, but he keeps the toy right in place as she moans and swells even more. He reaches his other hand up to hold her breast and after she has cum a few times, he turns off the toy. In her post orgasm sensitivity, Natasha says, "It tickles. A lot." He plays with her pussy juices and her swollen labia as Natasha recovers.

Lovely blonde haired and blue-eyed Leila Lotts is wearing a pretty pair of blue gingham checkered panties and a matching strapless bra. She looks up at him as he slowly works the baton vibe on her clitoris and pussy over the top of her pretty panties, as the cameraman asks her to let him know when she's about to cum. It's not long at all before he peels off her tiny panties and we can appreciate all of Leila lippy pussy assets in great detail. Leila hips begin to rock up and down as she lets out a deep breath. We really have to watch Leila closely because even though she says, "Oh! I'm going to cum", by the time the words are out of her mouth, her contractions are almost over as they started way before the words were out of her mouth! It's a lovely, nice strong orgasm, too.

Sultry, voluptuous, fair-skinned and shiny red-haired new-cummer Candi Blows is featured next. She is wearing a white dress, and black and white stripped panties. He tells her he can't wait to see her lips - and he means her pussy lips. After that those panties are quickly tossed to the bed. He is working the "Wanachi" or, as we like to call it the "black baton vibe", on Candi's shaved pussy. And Candi Blows does indeed have lovely, perfectly formed, dangling, large labia. She closes her eyes and sits back to enjoy the ride. It's not long before she develops a nice sex flush and is cumming hard - all pink all over. Candi's mouth is open as she pants and moans and quivers through her orgasm. And when he pulls the toy away, that pussy is still contracting! Nice. :) Candi dips a finger in and touches her clitoris as he strokes her inner thigh.

In the Member's Area of our HandsOnOrgasms.com website, we titled this scene "Snapper Paige Fox is Back!" and anyone who has seen petite, tattooed, Paige Fox orgasming in other movies will know exactly why she falls into our snappers category. Paige's pussy contracts so hard when she cums, that her vagina actually snaps opened and closed! Looking positively naughty and nice in an animal print bra & panty set Paige Fox is back and ready for some hands on attention. He is working the baton vibe on her pussy through the panties first, but they are not on for very long. Once the panties are discarded, Paige requests that he "lube me up"! With lots and lots of lube. She says she remembers the Baton vibe from before and that it's really good. He works a couple of fingers into her slit as he works the toy around and around on her clitoris. He keeps a couple of fingers positioned on her perineum. Paige begins to hiss and rock her hips - enjoying the naughty noise of her wetness as he moves the toy up and down vertically, also. With her feet scrunched into the bed and her hands supporting her under her bottom Paige has a strong, intense, snapping and fantastic orgasm! Paige knows it's always more intense when someone else gets you off and is therefore ready to give the cameraman an orgasm, too ... that's on another site, though. :)

The "very beautiful", twenty-four year-old Carmen Bunny is lying on the bed wearing only a bright pink bra as lubes her pussy. She has tried to have a solo orgasm for our sister site, The-Female-Orgasm.com, but Carmen Bunny really wanted Professor Orgasm's touch. And the cameraman is clearly enamored with Carmen Bunny as he pays her compliment after compliment. He suspects Carmen prefers it when someone else does it for her, so he plies her with some lube and fires up the black baton vibe. He softly holds her clit ring between two fingers while the toy buzzes. With one foot dangling in the air, and the other scrunched into the bed, it doesn't take long at all for her to cum - as he she holds onto his arm for dear life! Carmen Bunny is all giggles and smiles now. He is also quite happy for her after she cums. Her strokes her pussy as she relaxes.

We are pleased to present another sexy new-cummer, Gina Snake! Gina is a tattooed, Spanish, fun-loving, red lace and stocking clad woman with a "nice, gooey pussy", as he says. Gina thoroughly enjoys the attention from the cameraman and the baton vibe. She gets pretty wet, too :-) He alternates the toy play on her clitoris - at times giving her a firm press and at other times sort of dangling the toy across her. Whatever method, it seems to work for Gina as she lies back with her arms above her head and eyes closed, totally lost to the sensations in her groin. Gina begins to moan and hiss and rock her hips - head rolling from side-to-side. He holds his hand on her tummy as she rocks even more. He reaches his hand down to touch her wet pussy as Gina clutches her breast and tweaks her nipple. Gina says, "Yeah" and "Mmmmm" as she pants her way through her orgasm.

Samantha Bentley is lying on the bed, propped up on pillows with her dress hiked up around her waist and her pussy completely exposed. He makes a little approving, "mmmm" sound and Samantha innocently replies, "What?" He says he's excited and she giggles. He likes it when she giggles, because it pushes her pussy out. And, it's not everyday that a big-time British pornstar has REAL orgasms and is begging to cum. He gets her close to cumming, but takes the toy away as the buxom, fair-skinned brunette gets so close so quickly. She says, "That's mean" but he uses it as an opportunity to remove her dress. But, her wait is brief as he "allows" her to cum just as soon as she is ready again. And the first one was so good, Samantha said, "Don't even think of doing it again". And, of course, he is thinking of doing it again. He tells her how much he enjoyed that as Samantha jokes about how quickly she came. She plays with her wet pussy juices. He asks if she can have another one and Samantha is willing to try. With the toy working the side of her clitoris and her hands above her head, totally relaxed and grasping onto the metal head frame, Samantha cums again grasping, arching her back, gasping and moaning as he coaxes another nice, big, intense orgasm out of her. She arches back, saying, "Oh fuck. Oh." Pant, pant, pant. She's giggly as he asks her to lean forward to show her amazing "pink" sex flush. Oh my word.

Lying on blue sheets wearing a pink and black polka dotted bra and panty set is voluptuous, blonde, Sienna. He asks her to take her bra off in order to stimulate her nipples with the toy. He pulls her panties aside and works the toy on her clitoris. She looks up at him, very hot and horny. Sienna mutters, "Feels good." And just as she arches upward - to orgasm - he tells her to take her panties off. And when she takes her panties off, her pussy is in the throes of a lovely, contracting orgasm. Sienna is definitely cumming - despite her denial as just being sensitive. He touches her noting how wet she is. He finger massages her clitoris, teasing her that "It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it." He adjusts the strength on the vibe and puts the toy back in place on her clitoris. With one hand separating her pussy lips, near her perineum, Sienna cums again. Then she says, "Oh, I think I'm going to cum now" and then we see another series of pussy contractions just before she straightens one leg. He doesn't stop with the toy on her clitoris, then reaches a finger into her vagina to spread her juices on her clitoris. He notes how turgid her clitoris is - Sienna calls it sensitive. He gently parts her folds with one hand while working the toy on her clitoris. Sienna asks, "Are you trying to make me cum again?" He asks her if she can and she honestly replies, "Don't know". With a little more time and hand and toy massage, we know Sienna can do it! And Sienna does! She bucks her hips up suddenly and strongly with a tight, short, series of pussy contractions for a nice, third, Hands On Orgasm!

Meet blue-eyed, red-haired, fair-skinned, Sophia Rose. This is a nice, wet, multiple orgasm scene from this lovely new-cummer, who is sometimes with her lover, Leila Lotts. Sophia likes the hands on attention and she likes the baton vibe. Her pretty green panties come off rather quickly and her pussy is already primed. He pulls her cooch lips apart with one hand while toying her with the other. Watch as the moisture continues to build, dripping out of her and as he goes to touch it. She just goes right over the edge and cums - the first time - in no time at all! He notes, "Woah! You didn't take long to cum. Woah. I'm going to make you cum again, though." Sophia just giggles saying, "Really?" He continues with the baton vibe working on her clitoris. Sophia stays wet, juicy and orgasmic! Sophia's pussy gets wetter and wetter as he continues buzzing her clitoris with the baton vibe. It's not long after he cranks up the intensity of the toy and Sophia's legs are quivering. She closes her eyes, curls upward slightly and she is cumming, again, nicely! Very wet! All Sophia can do after that is giggle.
Clip 1 - 5 mins 54 secs

Stars: Natasha

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Clip 2 - 10 mins 24 secs

Stars: Leila Lotts
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Clip 3 - 5 mins 24 secs

Stars: Paige Fox
Paige Fox
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Clip 4 - 10 mins 17 secs

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Clip 5 - 7 mins 36 secs

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Clip 6 - 11 mins 44 secs

Stars: Sienna
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Clip 7 - 6 mins 15 secs

Stars: Sophia Rose
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