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Approximate Running Time: 03:14:34
Released: 2012

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"She really has orgasms" is the thought that is imprinted on anyone who watches her in action after this movie. She has heavy chemistry with the likes of Erik Everhard and Manuel Ferrara is monumental! Dani Daniels is one of the most beautiful and sensual stars ever! Now, for the very first time, watch her perform in stunning Boy/Girl scenes full of perversion, passion and intense hardcore action.
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Comments on Dare

Editor's Review

Holy shit, it’s Dani Daniels‘s first boy/girl scene! I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first. I’ve always been a fan of her lady lovin’ skills. But about a minute into the first scene I was all about watching Dani get up close and personal with a nice big cock. It is kind of awesome.

Dani’s first ever boy/girl scene is with the super-stud Manuel Ferrara. I’m not going to lie, it was a little odd watching her blow him at first. She wasn’t bad at it or anything, I’m just to used to seeing her with a mouth full of pussy. Excuse my vulgarity, but this is a porn blog after all. Manuel went down on her for a long time, but what was amazing was watching him put his penis inside of her. There was no doubt that she loved it instantly. From time to time he would pull out and make her squirt with his fingers. So hot! Dani was totally losing her mind in the best possible way!

Scene 2. Wow. Here Dani is right in the middle of a hot-dude-sandwich and James Deen and Mick Blue are the bread. Dani enters a huge garage/warehouse type room dressed in a fancy black gown. There are two men in tuxedos and white masks waiting by a lone black couch. Sort of creepy, right? She walks up and the previously mentioned porno guys remove the masks and get down to business. Dani gets fucked upside down and sideways. She loves having two cocks at once and looks amazing taking them. James and Mick take turns banging her, although the obligatory simultaneous blowjob and boning happens on occasion. Dani continuously gives the command of “harder” and she definitely gets it! I love the way James Deen quietly talks dirty to Dani (and all of the ladies he bangs). You never really know what he is saying, but you know it is good by the ladies’ facial expressions. And when they say things like “yes, I love being a slut.” Common’, everyone likes to be called a slut sometimes. Don’t act like you’re offended! I mention this because as Mick is fucking Dani from behind, Deen is in her face whispering his sweet nothings. Both guys blow their loads on her face and mouth and the push her back on the couch for just one more orgasm.

I’ll be honest; I only made it through the first two scenes. They were fabulous! I definitely intend to sink my eyeballs into the rest of the movie very soon! Sinn Sage, Erik Everhard and Karlie Montana are still to come! I’ll give you this as my last thought: Dani Daniels isn’t just good at fucking women.

Review says:
BEST "69" scene ever! Dani is relentless! Sinn tries hard, but can't stop herself from cumming repeatedly. I can't stop watching! Beautiful.
Review says:
Sinn is helpless to stop the ass shaking body contorting orgasms delivered by Dani. Beautiful to watch. Sinn returns the favor in spades! Great sex! Damn.

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