Take It From Eve

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Approximate Running Time: 00:53:02
Released: 2012

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Scene 1 Spanked Houseboy

Eve is happy with her new houseboy Billy's efficiency and happy to accept his offer of a foot massage after a day on her feet. But she warns him not to tickle her - Eve hates having her feet tickled - three times, before forcefully admonishing him for tickling her anyway. Pulling him across her lap, she retrieves her favorite hairbrush from her purse and indignantly spanks her smart aleck employee over his jeans. Soon his pants and boxers come down, presenting the perfect target area, a bare bottom. Not satisfied that her bad boy has been thoroughly punished for his effrontery, Eve bends Billy over the couch end and reddens his tight buns with a thick leather paddle.

Finally, with a nod towards nostalgia, Eve instructs Billy to assume the face down position on her sofa for a good, old-fashioned belt spanking with a doubled leather belt. As Billy has never been spanked before, he feels every swat keenly, whimpering, whining and howling with pain throughout his entire ordeal.

Scene 2 Over the Housemaid's Knee

Billy gets his face slapped by Eve's beautiful new housemaid for being fresh. Stevie tells Eve of Billy's insult and Eve conducts a spanking tutorial wherein she and Stevie spank the impertinence out of the badly behaved houseboy. Billy is spanked over the lap of each woman in turn. The two women continue to punish Billy's bare bottom while he is bent across a table. While all of this is going on, all of Billy's clothes (and most of the alluring Miss Stevie's), are coming off, adding the embarrassment of exposure to the crisp, stinging pain of real spanking discipline. With his face and bottom cheeks burning with shame, Billy endures the added indignity of a trenchant scolding from Eve, who has employed him long enough to have noticed his many character flaws. Billy feels every swat keenly and yells his head off in distress from first to last. Traditional over the knee spanking and vigorous corporal punishment with paddle, strap, hairbrush and belt highlight Eve's latest video, co-starring fresh and charming 21 year old Stevie Rose. As Kid Dynamite learns to his dismay, Stevie is naturally dominant and only too willing to take a naughty, disrespectful male co-worker in hand. Eve only reinforces what Stevie has long suspected, that strong women have a duty to take control of silly, undisciplined boys.
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Cast & Stars: Take It From Eve

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