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Ladyboy Confidential #4






Approximate Running Time: 03:07:22
Released: 2012

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In the dark of night and behind closed doors of your hotel room in Bangkok, there are many hidden secrets. Foreign travelers secretly try to hide their once in a lifetime experience with the lovely ladyboys of Bangkok! Cum and get some!

*Jennie* has long dark hair, long eyelashes, braces and pretty red lipstick on her cock hungry lips. She has been summoned to a foreign mans hotel room and starts a massage which gets his cock throbbing. She starts to suck his bright red pole with her brighter red lipstick which puts a shiner on his tip. Her own cock is a floppy brown Thai model with ample girth and pliable foreskin that Allen tests to its limits with both his own dick and his lips too. Her tits are swollen with hormonal fluids and her cock is stiff like a Siam sausage. Allen tears through her tight and tiny shitter while her dong flops up down and all around. he puts her on all fours and milks her dick like an utter on a Thai dairy cow; eventually releasing a small but stringy batch of potent ladyboy jizz. Allen lets his fly across her cock and hairy nut bag too. She showers and flushes all the cum away.

*Zonia* is tall sexy and very ladylike. She looks a little cross-eyed, her tits are big, her penis stubby and her ass ready to swallow any hard shaft within reach. She strokes her own tool before sucking up the foreign made one we provide her with. Her new foreign friend drops low between her legs and opens wide to say hello to her stiffy. His cock swallows her penis with his own before readying her shit box for a stiff pouncing. She takes a taste of her own pooper fresh off his rod before he grinds her ass more and greats her to produce a tiny spattering of hormone enhanced tranny sperm. He finishes her off with a wicked face of cum that coats her nose, her eyes and her hair too. Sperm foams up in her mouth and all over her face before she showers to wash it all away.

*Britney* is a tiny Thai tranny with little time to waste as she gets to Allens room. She drops to her knees and starts to strip her clothes off as Allen massages her flat chest and foreskin lined penis into a frenzy. Very little stimulation gets her weenie going, as precum starts to fill her thick foreskin curtains. Her furry pubic forest is thick and her cock easily reaches maximum density as Allen takes a long ride far up her hungry hershey highway. Her stiff wanker flops all around as her stomach muscles tighten and she is rewarded with a face-full of imported cum droppings.

*Venus* has a big fat ladyboy penis. Her girl cock is strong and stiff and curved hard to the right. She straddles Allens face and shoves her cock down his throat while he fucks her face with his own. This ladyboy is a true slut, craving any cock she can get her hands, mouth and ass on. She straddles Allen's ride and splits her skinny cheeks to accept a high powered anal plunging. Her Thai tamale stays stiff and bent and capable of ratcheting off a large amount of cum. it flies across her own chest as she readies for a mouthful of the imported type. She showers clean and says goodbye.
Clip 1 - 50 mins 57 secs

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Clip 2 - 49 mins 33 secs

Stars: Zonia | Allen
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Clip 3 - 39 mins 16 secs

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Clip 4 - 45 mins 15 secs

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Cast & Stars: Ladyboy Confidential #4

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