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Fallen Angels






Approximate Running Time: 00:48:42

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Angels are elegant and pure- absolutely beautiful. Sometimes there are the few that succumb to the seductive nature of sex and bondage. When that happens, you have the perfect specimen for any of your wildest fantasies. Wasteland makes good use of these rare creatures by corrupting them further and giving you everything you could ever imagine.

Dirty Hobby: Goddess Starla has many hobbies that require patience, a steady hand, dedication and concentration. Jada Sinn is an undisciplined, dirty sub who understands nothing when it comes to these requirements. She barges in and interrupts Goddess Starla during her "quiet" time. Now Starla must stop everything she is doing and teach this defiant little tart a lesson in obedience!

Anal Enlightenment: Eric X has his newest submissive, Jada Sinn, in the dungeon. Though she's a little wet behind the ears, Jada's sassy attitude and high threshold for BDSM play makes her every guy's dream slave.

Shocking Her Pussy: Goddess Starla dominates our disobedient little sub Leila. Leila's entire body shivers from the anticipation of what might happen to her that her, and that makes her feet pull on the strings that are tied from her labia to her toes.
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Cast & Stars: Fallen Angels

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