They Asked For It

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Approximate Running Time: 01:01:18

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And they got it! These lovely ladies asked to be spanked. Carol knows that she needs her discipline & Angie gets all confused and disorganized without her spankings. So Carol & Angie willingly got over our laps and took their spankings. Ted spanks Carol's bare bottom with his hand, brush, belt, & paddle, across his lap, over a pillow, bent over, & standing up. Watch her butt turn red and bruised while she moans, wiggles & squirms! Then see Ted soothe her hot stinging red bottom by gently rubbing lotion on it. Next, it's Angie's turn. Ann wastes no time turning Angie over her knee for a long hard spanking by hand, hairbrush, & paddle! Angie gets turned on by it & masturbates before, during & after her spanking. Watch her cum & watch her give Ted a super blowjob from start to finish. Angie sucks Ted's thick hard cock while her stinging hot red bottom is throbbing from the spanking she took from Ann. Watch Ted shoot his load right on Angie! An excellent M/F and F/F spanking video with lots of oral sex and female masturbation.
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Cast & Stars: They Asked For It

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