The Slave and Her Two Masters

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Approximate Running Time: 00:33:31

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This woman is having a spanking session with her master, when her husband comes home early and CATCHES them!! So the TWO men gang up on her and TEASE her! They tie her up, SPANK her with their hands, hairbrush, paddle, crop, and flogger, and make her SUCK them off!! They CUM in her mouth and all over her face, and she slurps up every last drop! Watch her suffer spankings and bondage, followed by SUPER blowjobs!!
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Comments on The Slave and Her Two Masters

Editor's Review

Damn, I hate to be so shallow, but the reason this movie gets 2 stars instead of 4 is cause... Well...

These actors, god bless 'em, they... ummmm...

Let's just say... while I certainly appreciate that all kinds of people have sex, I prefer to watch mostly younger, fitter specimens. Now, sometimes I break this rule, cause I have a thing for realism and, also, sometimes ugly people have a sexy charisma -- like Steve Buscemi.

These people don't have that. And they're not "ugly," either, but I really did not feel terribly excited by them, visually, and unfortunately this limited my enjoyment of the movie. Personal preferences aside, however -- there's quite a bit of inspired spanking here that deserves to be detailed.

This movie, by Real Spanking Video, is REAL SPANKING. I mean, seriously. These dominant guys abuse the living daylights outta this submissive woman who is clearly suffering... and yet savoring every second. She's playing the part of a housewife caught in the act of submitting to her master while her husband was at work. But look in her eyes: she's a true slave, with zombie-like dedication to the punishments her masters see fit to give her.

At about halfway thru the movie, she's kneeling on the bed, thanking her two captors for paddling her butt, thighs, back...Ya gotta admire how her master --the guy who seems to be orchestrating the cruelties, as opposed to the "husband" character -- alternately chides her and checks in on how she's doing, as he creams her.

Good dom!

Intuitive, too. Holding a whip in her mouth, she looks for a second like she wants to say something, and damn if he doesn't pick up on that right away. He removes the whip, asks her to speak up, and immediately complies when she asks him if he could move her arms outta the way before spanking her back more.

I love it -- he's kicking her ass, but he wants her comfortable. They even use a safe signal! It's like you're witnessing an actual b&d/spanking session, as opposed to a movie depicting plotted scenes! I gotta admit, it's quite compelling and I'm totally not even into these people.

But they're not awful, I shouldn't be down on them. The submissive is kinda cute... she reminds me of the lady who played Grace the secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She also played the rental car lady in the "I-want-a-fucking-car-right-fucking-now" scene from Planes, Trains & Automobiles... Know who I mean? Basically, a chubby, middle-aged dyed redhead with short, teased hair.

She's got a big, pasty ass, and large, pendulous breasts dangling from her leather open-cupped bra. Pierced nipples. Her frumpy earrings add a church lady-ish accent from the neck up -- jarring, but unique. Her voice is quite high, and while she doesn't say much during her ordeal, she vocalizes almost constantly: a frightened animal's reflexive, rhythmic bleating.

We don't see much of her two torturers. Both are also chubby & middle-aged, and both conceal their faces almost entirely. Husband wears a hat, dark glasses & a full, fake beard, and Master appears to be in some kinda hood. In addition to their disguises, the men are also largely kept off camera, visible only when necessary (and usually only partially seen). They're both well-endowed, and quite hairy. Also, Husband is uncircumcised, so if you're into hooded penises make sure you stick around for movie's blow job/facial finale...!

It's a nice short movie, too. A half hour -- at least three fourths of it demonstrating good, hard spanking! When we first see our submissive, she's kneeling shackled before her master, who is wielding a studded paddle above her exposed ass (she's wearing a black thong). Her hubby bursts into the scene, throws her over his knee, and administers a vigorous spanking.

He smacks her butt determinedly, changing tempo & switching from his bare hand to a hairbrush, sometimes both simultaneously. Our submissive's generous ass seems an expanse of white "virgin" canvas being covered with reddening prints. The camera closes in on her face, all strained & sweaty... yet satisfied. She virtually swells with that lovely mix of pain & ecstasy we enjoy in the dom-sub dynamic. She's obviously in a lot of pain (check out the big purple hairbrush-shaped mark on her right cheek around 10:14), but she's also getting off. You can't fake this.

So Hubby spanks her, and then around 13:00, Master joins in. They dig around her dresser drawers for her stash of toys & implements. They double-team her, one with the paddle, one with the whip. The whip handle is then stuffed in her mouth, gagging her escalating cries. Punishment continues with a riding crop... They slap her breasts, tug on her nipple rings. They take turns assailing her ass, and admiring their welts & bruises upon it. Looks painful but moderate, compared with other films I've seen.

Not sure what to think about the ending, with Submissive sucking off Master and then Hubby in essentially the same exact way: she lies belly-down on the bed while Master/Hubby stands pants-less before her. After some enthusiastic sucking, she flips over, positions herself under the cock again, but this time she's facing up. Annnnd then Master/Hubby jerks off in her mouth.

Neither seems to have enjoyed his blow job very much at all -- it's like they're into it more for the humiliation factor than for pleasure. Still, they both cum buckets before our very eyes & she drinks up every drop. The film ends as she's gazing drowsily into the camera, her mouth slick with spit & semen... She's a sight to behold, alright. Certainly worth a look, especially if you've got a thing for voluptuous older women!

And lemme know what you think about that look of suffering & bliss in her eyes....

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