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Training Session 2 Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:39:40
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    When this real submissive female reports to a mistress for training, she gets way more than she asks for! The mistress teaches her how to take an incredibly long and painfully hard spanking! This spanking session lasts over 40 minutes! The submissive is ordered to assume many different positions including over the knee, over a couch, and over a stool, while being soundly spanked by hand, paddle, crop, and many other implements. The mistress fondles the submissive's burning bottom, plays with her pussy and asshole, blindfolds her, and teases her throughout the spanking session. She kisses her, slipping her tongue in just long enough to get her aroused, and then spanks her some more!! The submissive gets so sopping wet that her pussy juice drips down her legs!! She suffers the embarrassment and humiliation of having to spread her own cheeks apart and politely ask to be spanked, again and again! Wait till you see the close-up view of her asshole!! Before her long ordeal is over, she is crying real tears and begging the mistress to stop spanking her! When the spanking finally stops, the mistress rubs cream all over the submissive's sore bottom, in a very erotic manner. The action never stops! It's 40 minutes of spanking video that you don't want to miss!!
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