No One Will

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Approximate Running Time: 00:26:05

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Sitting so naturally in each other's arms they kiss, gently, they playfully rub their noses together and the general warmth radiating from them could melt the ice caps. After Eufrat unbuttons Eileen's wool cardigan and her ample bosom spills out we are treated to some hot tongue sucking, Eileen taking the full width of Eufrat's tongue in her mouth. Things are stirring as the kissing gets deeper and wetter and the girls start to grope each other in their arousal. Eufrat shows her imagination and creativity as a lover, spontaneously licking a full circle around Eileen's breast, always fun and inventive, Eufrat makes her feel special. Eye to eye, breathing on each other the girls really turn the heat up and Eileen rides on Eufrat's crotch as she tugs at her vest letting her boobs fall out before Eufrat fumbles hurriedly to get inside Eileen's pants. Eufrat's fingers pushing aside Eileen's panties as they penetrate her soft walls and dance on her g-spot.
Clip 1 - 11 mins 16 secs

Stars: Eileen | Eufrat

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Clip 2 - 14 mins 48 secs

Stars: Eileen | Eufrat
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Cast & Stars: No One Will

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