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Final Selections





Studio: California Star Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:57:34
Released: 2003

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Natasha and Pete, representatives of Britain's leading record company, have caused quite a stir by staging auditions for pop idols. After numerous auditions a few of the acts are brought back for some final selections.

Charlotte enters the room, and is told in no uncertain terms, that although she is a beautiful girl her voice is not quite up to par. There is, however, one chance for her to enter the final round. She must accept a spanking and caning thereby by passing the usual channels.

Her schoolgirl knickers are soon removed and the sobbing young lady is put through a humiliating series of punishments culminating in the cane. The next girl, Mandy, is also persuaded to take the cane in order to ensure her continued interest in the competition. Finally, Annabelle enters and is told that not only does she need lessons, but that a padding and caning is really what it takes to stay in the audition. All of our young ladies have passed with flying colors!
Clip 1 - 17 mins 23 secs

Final Selections Clip 1 00:01:20
Final Selections Clip 1 00:02:00
Final Selections Clip 1 00:06:00
Final Selections Clip 1 00:09:40
Final Selections Clip 1 00:15:00

Stars: Charlotte | Natasha | Pete
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Clip 2 - 18 mins 55 secs

Final Selections Clip 2 00:17:40
Final Selections Clip 2 00:18:20
Final Selections Clip 2 00:25:40
Final Selections Clip 2 00:31:20
Final Selections Clip 2 00:35:00

Stars: Mandy | Natasha | Pete
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Clip 3 - 20 mins 24 secs

Final Selections Clip 3 00:38:00
Final Selections Clip 3 00:44:00
Final Selections Clip 3 00:45:00
Final Selections Clip 3 00:50:00
Final Selections Clip 3 00:53:20

Stars: Annabelle | Natasha | Pete
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Cast & Stars: Final Selections

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