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Female Agent Presents - Ricky Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:27:56
Released: 2013
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    Ricky was a piano player who wanted to try his hand at a different profession and it was done to me to see if he could hit all the right notes. A rather thick set gentleman he had a nice personality that was juts slightly tinged with a hint of arrogance, but I can handle arrogance so long as it fucks well. We started the interview and it was soon agreed that I would have to test him in this casting to see if he was up for the job. He agreed easily enough and was soon naked and wanking his cock to stiffness. I decided to start by testing his boasts of his prowess at licking women out. He was soon between my legs, face buried in my honey pot, lapping away with an eager ferocity. I have to be honest, he was quite impressive at licking me, his tongued licked in and out and around faster then a bees wing. It was time to test his fucking ability. That's when the reality came crashing in. He fucked me for about 90 seconds before he shot his load all over my leg. That was probably the quickest I've ever seen a man cum, I know my pussy is tight but I wouldn't even have had time to boil an egg with that sex session. Bitterly disappointed I asked him to leave but I was still aching for my orgasm, so I brought the big gun out. Within moments I was soon sat on the couch gliding my dildo inside and out, my pussy lips gripping it firmly as I fucked myself to orgasm. If you want a job doing, it's best to do it yourself. -- Female Agent
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