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Loose Times At Ridley High






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Where the teachers make the grades, and the students make the teachers. The succulent girls of Ridley High are about to graduate and this lust-filled take-off of a famous book fulfills every youthful fantasy ever dreamed of. Mad crushes on male teachers run rampant as our sweet young things explore their budding sexuality as well as each other's bodies. So young, so innocent, so tender, these cute little lasses - bedecked in their mid-thigh uniforms - cross and uncross their virginal legs for their instructors. With shoulder straps that outline their pert, young breasts, teachers struggle to maintain their raging passions. Student/teacher conferences take on a whole new meaning.
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Comments on Loose Times At Ridley High

Editor's Review

Producer William Dancer returned to the territory he mined so successfully with LITTLE GIRLS BLUE and its official sequel, both directed by former sexploitation starlet Joanna Williams, so much in fact that it has on occasion been referred to as a legitimate third installment in that particular series. Director Hans (not Damon) Christian, a name that has popped up every once in a while over the years (usually on Dancer-related projects, so it might be him), keeps the pace going, effectively papering over the flick's hackneyed narrative thrust, and don't you go telling me that isn't a nice choice of words! Nice cinematography and infectious good humor help make this a far more enjoyable endeavor than similar schoolgirl-themed efforts.

The school year is coming to an end at the Ridley High School for young ladies and the girls are getting restless for their upcoming finals as well as their naturally raging hormones. Opening scene references LITTLE GIRLS BLUE most literally as teacher Paul Thomas fantasizes about the charmingly gawky honor student, Andrea Adams from FEMALE SENSATIONS, materializing on the blank page before him. Predictably, the hotties at hand are prepared to go to great lengths to assure good grades.

"Debra Wong", the IMDb-credited actress portraying the character of Sally but who looks an awful lot like Crystal Breeze to me, shows music teacher Eric Edwards that there's at least one instrument – yep, that one! – she has mastered to perfection, with a couple of cute blondes (the curly-haired one's Jade Nichols) getting all hot 'n' bothered watching. Popular Kimberly Carson promises janitor Tom Byron (at a very early stage in his lengthy career) a night of unbridled passion if he'll steal the results of the math test for her, offering an oral incentive for the time being. Byron gets most of the action in this movie as he also gets waylaid by adorable Crystal - or Debra, awaiting confirmation, please! - and pleasingly pudgy Rene Summers (then on the verge of becoming Mrs. Eric Edwards and never lovelier) in the hands down hottest thing going here. Bunny Bleu had hit the big time by the time the movie came out (hence her picture on the poster and now the DVD cover) but was still an inexperienced newcomer when it was shot. Fans will probably be disappointed that she performs about half a sex scene with Paul Thomas at film's end as the new pupil.

-Review courtesy of DirtyMovieDevotee

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