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Shoe Obsession





Studio: Jewell Marceau
Approximate Running Time: 01:19:34

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Mary Jane will never forget the sadistic shenanigans that ensue form the search for a single shoe! Her fetish for shoes has been intrigued by the story of Jewell's mysterious missing shoe. Mary Jane cannot seem to control her sexually stimulated curiosity and is soon discovered viewing private files on Jewell's computer potentially leading her to the whereabouts of the missing stiletto. Jewell takes this opportunity to teach this nosy girl a well deserved lesson about what privacy really means! Before you know it; Mary Jane is sucking down stiletto before she's spanked and fucked with a massive strap-on. But the fun isn't over until she straps up herself and gives Jewell a taste of her own medicine!
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Clip 1 - 25 mins 53 secs

Shoe Obsession Clip 1 00:06:40
Shoe Obsession Clip 1 00:15:40
Shoe Obsession Clip 1 00:17:40
Shoe Obsession Clip 1 00:23:20
Shoe Obsession Clip 1 00:25:40
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Clip 2 - 53 mins 39 secs

Shoe Obsession Clip 2 00:29:00
Shoe Obsession Clip 2 00:48:40
Shoe Obsession Clip 2 00:55:00
Shoe Obsession Clip 2 01:13:00
Shoe Obsession Clip 2 01:18:40
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Cast & Stars: Shoe Obsession

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