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Tape Bound





Studio: Jewell Marceau
Approximate Running Time: 01:14:23
Released: 2012

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Oh to be trapped! These two women find out what it means to become a mummy, except they won't be with any jewels, trinkets, or loved ones! Jewell Marceau and Tori Sinclair are taken by a sadistic assailant who has clear intentions of making both ladies strip for him for his personal pleasure. After they have both disrobed down to their sexy lingerie, this big galoot holds them in his arms while he binds them both tightly with electrical tape from shoulders to feet. Gagged with pantyhose and more electrical tape, these ladies squirm and struggle to escape, but to no avail!
Box Cover
Clip 1 - 38 mins 41 secs

Tape Bound Clip 1 00:03:40
Tape Bound Clip 1 00:16:40
Tape Bound Clip 1 00:24:20
Tape Bound Clip 1 00:27:40
Tape Bound Clip 1 00:38:20

Stars: Jewell Marceau | Tom
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Clip 2 - 35 mins 40 secs

Tape Bound Clip 2 00:40:20
Tape Bound Clip 2 00:56:20
Tape Bound Clip 2 01:02:00
Tape Bound Clip 2 01:08:20
Tape Bound Clip 2 01:11:20

Stars: Tori Sinclair | Tom
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Cast & Stars: Tape Bound

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