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Ed "Red Dragon" Hunter is back with a four hour fuck fest featuring 10 little Asians! The nineteenth in a line of Far East fuckery, these beautiful women bare it all for the camera and get spread wide open in a plethora of positions before taking a gooey large load down their throats, in their pussies, and across their faces! Yum!

Na has pig tails, a baby face and braces too. She is as cute as they come and she has decided to learn some English. Her English teacher is a Euro horn-dog and he is not at all interested in teaching anything other than sex-ed to this young hottie. Her small tits have perky nipples and her tiny ass has a perfectly puckering anus. Her vagina is small and sweet and her clit is perky and perfect. She puts her braces to work scraping layers of her teachers cock tip away, before laying back to get her moderately furry pussy licked. She takes it from behind, in spoon, on top and a variety of other ways only a teacher like this guy would know. She wants her teachers load in her mouth and has to earn it with her tongue and teeth. It flows down her lips before she showers to wash it away.

Aya Kisaki is pale skinned and very skinny. She has a cute face and long hair and is rather shy. She is very horny, yet very reserved as the super J-vibe moves in on her and her firm titties make their way from her bra. Her nipples are highly sensitized and her vagina is super puffy. Inside her hole is loads and loads of fresh J-juice, that quickly spills as his fingers create some havoc. She squints while she sucks dick and swallows his entire shaft while doing very erotic things with her hands and fingers. She mounts her skinny frame on his stiffie and works her tight tummy all around in circles. She lays back and vaginally swallows a massive batch of potent J-cum that slowly drains and clings to her pink vaginal walls.

Pui is a tight and tiny Thai teen with a baby face, bleached hair, tiny tits and 2 nubby nipples. She is half the size of Allen who warms her body up as he licks her down from top to bottom. Her pussy is soaked and filled with Thai tonic that Allen cleans up with his fingers and tongue before feeding her large chunks of his erect English sausage. Pui got a tight pussy and long silky asian pubes too. She is a screamer and likes getting piped, especially as her pussy starts to loosen. She screams and squeaks like a Japanese girl and starts to flop around like a rag doll as the plunging continues. She is rewarded with a mouth and face full of thick jizz. She showers her tiny body clean and waves goodbye.

Reina is a totally natural real amateur college student. She is plain jane and simple but very cute overall. She is quite serious and does not smile much either, but her nipple tips do seem to have something to say, as they perk to attention and say "Konnichi-wa." She starts to loosen up too, as we pull of her panties exposing her fully shaven J-hole, which is meaty, puffy and very warm and moist inside. A small vibrator warms her bottom as a J-pole handles her mouth, as she slowly and erotically sucks cock, swallow balls and licks a little bunghole too. Despite being quiet, this girl is very skilled in the sack, pleasing her man before laying back and handling a solid J-ramming. Her tiny tits and tight body flex as our guy fills her puffy puss full of thick cum. Her J-flower gobbles most of it up and spills nothing out until our guys skilled fingers manages to dig some up and extract it. She showers and masterbates her hairless hole and plays with her tiny tits with the super J-vibe.

On is a girl who likes to get off. She has short hair, dark seductive eyes, light brown Thai skin and small raisin tipped nipples to play with. She likes white men and comes ready to work, with her pussy pre-lubed and her mouth turned on high, as it swallows a generous serving of British beef. She lets him lick her completely hairless beaver before gash gobbling his pipe and putting her hips into overdrive. She sprawls out to take a big batch of Euro cream across her inflated vaginal region. She showers her pretty young body clean.

Rin Matsuura only has sex once in a while but would like to do it more if she could. She likes sex toys and uses them regularly. Her body is sensitive to the touch and her puffy nipple stumps and puckering Japanese clam shell are crying out for stimulation. The Super J-vibe warms her hairy bottom before she cums and creams from her silk covered J-slice. She sucks our cock slow and sexy, tonguing it and licking up and down; never forgetting the ball sack either. She hops on top and takes a ride on the the J-pony, before getting herself a fat cum load blasted deep inside her flowery hole. It slowly drains from inside her.

Num is very young, all natural and super cute. She has whiter toned skin and a tiny set of breasts. She puts lotion on her toes and rubs it in up her legs and onto her body. She puts her high heel and 1 piece dress on, prepping for a date with her new American man-friend. She uses her heels to jerk his cock and spreads her legs to offer a tasting of her young Thai juices. She sucks cock and then lays back to let her skinny frame inhale the imported white shaft inside. Her tiny titties jiggle, as she rubs her clit and takes a finger up her anus as well. He continues to pump her puss before pulling out and exploding his load all over her pretty feet. She showers and soaps and cleans her young tight body

Mika Sparks hails from the Philippines. She is a tiny girl with a very pretty face, tight body and the most perfect set of round, puffy soft tits with extra large pink areola. She starts her inspection in Doctor Hunters office, who uses his red paws to quickly inspect the softness of her bosom and the depth of her vaginal hole. He uses his suction cups to attach to her tits which stretch and expand nicely, before he takes some precise measurements of her with his medical macro-meter. She fucks his dick with her pretty tits and he dispatches a load up and down her pretty bosom. She moves on for further inspection where she hits a road block because of poor attendance in her school. Her last chance attempt to stay includes rubbing her tits in his face, sucking his cock and feeding him her hairless Filipino fuck slice. She gets on all fours and takes it from behind, in spoon, RCG and cowgirl too; before succumbing to a massive cum dropping that coats her chest and her face too.
Clip 1 - 29 mins 47 secs

Stars: Na

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Clip 2 - 20 mins 42 secs

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Clip 3 - 29 mins 47 secs

Stars: Pui
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Clip 4 - 20 mins 16 secs

Stars: Reina
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Clip 5 - 27 mins 24 secs

Stars: On
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Clip 6 - 18 mins 15 secs

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Clip 7 - 27 mins 34 secs

Stars: Num
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Clip 8 - 24 mins 52 secs

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Clip 9 - 30 mins 5 secs

Stars: Bew
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Clip 10 - 15 mins 32 secs

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Cast & Stars: 10 Little Asians #19

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